What is the best golf GPS for women?

The best golf GPS for women is the golf GPS device that can equip women with the features that can actually make them play a better game of golf and score a lower handicap compared with the men. This golf GPS device will prove that women are just as good golf players as their male counterparts are.

What are the features of the best golf GPS for women?

The features of the best golf GPS for women are exactly the same features of the best golf GPS for any gender. It must be able to assist the golfer in making better decisions in the shots that she takes thereby affording her better scores. It must be able to give the essentials such as green yardages as well as hazard and fairway end distances.

The best golf GPS for a woman must be able to eliminate the guessing of yardages and the searching for sprinkler heads with markings. It must provide complete confidence in the club selection of its owner with a quick look at her device. The bottom line is that it must aid the golfer in making the correct decisions on the golf course by presenting her with high percentage plays.

Two best golf GPS for women available on the market

1. Garmin Approach S1Wbest golf GPS for women

The Garmin Approach S1W is a best golf GPS for females that is hand-free, being a wristwatch, enabling golf swing focus without carrying an extra device around the course. It provides an accurate way to judge distances. It helps build confidence in the club use determination and the shot to play with the confirmation of where the golfer is in relation to the flag. It is a legal golf device under USGA as well as R&A rules.

2. Garmin Approach G6Garmin Approach G6

The Garmin Approach G6 is a best golf GPS for females who are serious about their golf and looking to shoot low scores. It has a sunlight-friendly screen, rugged construction, convenient size, a wide range of useful features and provides a great way for game chronicling and analysis. It definitely helps in game improvement designed for use on the golf course.

Which golf GPS for women To Go For? And Why?

While both Garmin models enjoy equal high customer ratings, the Garmin Approach S1W gained a whooping 170 more customer reviews than the Garmin Approach G6. One of the factors that could probably account for this disparity is the $50 difference in their prices. Our recommendation for the golf GPS for women is the the Garmin Approach S1W.

Our Pick : Garmin Approach S1W

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