Which golf GPS to buy?

Which golf GPS to buy depends upon the golf GPS memory size that has an impact on the number of course maps it can hold at any one time which in turn affects how often the unit has to be reloaded with new and updated course map versions.

Other factors in determining which golf GPS to buy

Another factor to consider in determining which golf GPS to buy would be the construction of the golf GPS as well as its screen display size and of course its durability. A poorly constructed golf GPS with limited durability will necessitate replacement in a short period of time making the purchase an impractical one.

The battery type, the annual fee requirement and company support for course map update and addition are the other factors when one chooses which golf GPS should I buy. Battery types ranges from built-in rechargeable batteries to regular alkaline batteries to changeable and rechargeable batteries.

Two available market choices for which golf GPS to buywhich golf GPS to buy

1. Garmin Approach S1W

The Garmin Approach S1W is a consideration for which golf GPS is the best to buy as it is great product for right club selection and grabbing based on the course mapping it provides. It is comfortable to wear, very easy to read and fun to show off to other players. It takes just 5 seconds to start battery charging. It comes with an awesome customer support service.

2. Garmin Approach G6Garmin Approach G6

The Garmin Approach G6 is another consideration for which golf GPS is the best to buy as it is a handheld golf GPS device that is designed specifically for use on the golf course. It provides the exact yardage to the green regardless of where the player is on the course. It is a very handy golfing gizmo. It has the ability for map toggling while walking on a course.

Which golf GPS to buy? And Why?

Both Garmin models share a high 4 ½ consumer rating with the Garmin Approach S1W getting almost 180 reviews more than the Garmin Approach G6. Since we are on the lookout for which golf GPS to buy, our pick is the Garmin Approach S1W as it costs almost $90 less than the Garmin Approach G6.

Our Pick : Garmin Approach S1W

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