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At The Head Of The Pack Of The Top 10 Golf GPS Units Is The:

Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch

top 10 golf GPS units

The Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch is at the head of the pack of the top 10 golf GPS units since it is a high-end watch sporting a high-sensitivity GPS receiver specifically meant to aid the user in the improvement of his golf game. It features a monochrome LCD screen that displays both time and GPS information and is rated according to IPX7 waterproofing standards.

This gadget is the frontrunner among the top 10 golf GPS units as it can easily be viewed in the sunlight, the ease of which only gets better as the light becomes brighter. It displays numbers in large and clear fonts making it extremely readable. It fits comfortably on the wrist without getting too heavy.

Top 10 Golf GPS Units:

  1. Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen Golf GPS
  2. Izzo Swami 1500 Golf GPS
  3. Skycaddie SG5 Golf GPS
  4. Golf Buddy Tour Gps
  5. Garmin Approach G3 Touchscreen Golf GPS
  6. Upro golf GPS
  7. Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS
  8. Izzo Swami 3000 GPS
  9. Golf Buddy World Platinum

Clicking on the appropriate bolded links will display product specifications and consumer reviews on each of the listed top 10 golf GPS units on the market today. The bases of the list of the top 10 golf GPS units are sales records and consumer review ratings as found in the Amazon website.

The variety represented by these top 10 golf GPS units is the ultimate in terms of features and functions. Gadgets outside of the list can only give you features and functions found in a summary of the features and functions of the listed devices taken collectively.

Going beyond this list of the top 10 golf GPS units in your selection for the golf GPS device you want for yourself will only prove to be a repetitive exercise that will prove to be a waste of your precious time.

Upon determination of the golf GPS gadget that you intend to end up with, clicking on the appropriate bolded link will instantly take you to where the best deals on any of the top 10 golf GPS units awaits for you to get into.

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