Which Golf GPS to choose

Which golf GPS to choose is the dilemma of every golfer when confronted with the selection of the golf GPS to purchase as a GPS device which is also called a distance measuring device has become a standard staple in the golf bag.

The problem of which golf GPS to use

Distance measuring devices have proven to be immensely popular and are now considered the perfect substitute for the caddie. Invented as a solution to the age old golf problems of the exact distance to the pin and the distance of a bunker to a hole, a golf GPS device is also becoming an additional burden to the golfer as he is confronted with the problem of which golf GPS to choose and which golf GPS to use.

As the market is booming with so many different golf GPS models, which golf GPS should I choose is in the mind of each and every golfer. Golf GPS models abound from their simple digital displays for stating distances to the flag to their provision of overhead views of the shot to be taken.

Two selections of which golf GPS to choose available on the marketwhich golf GPS to choose

1. Garmin Approach S1W

The Garmin Approach S1W is an alternative to which golf GPS to buy as it keeps things simple unlike the many featured, colour screened golf GPS handhelds on the market. Its monochromatic display shows distances to the green front, back and centre from anywhere on the course with features including a shot distance tracker and odometer.

2. Garmin Approach G6Garmin Approach G6

The Garmin Approach G6 is the other alternative to which golf GPS to buy with its accurate provision of the distance of a shot eliminating the ruin of the chance of posting a good score on a hole if used properly. It can be used straight from the box upon charging up, turning on and walking to the first tee.

Which golf GPS to choose? And Why?

While both Garmin Approach S1W and Garmin Approach G6 share a high 4 ½ consumer rating, the Garmin Approach S1W enjoys a leverage of almost 180 reviews over the Garmin Approach G5. The simplicity of the unit coupled with its almost $90 less cost could very well account for this huge discrepancy. Our pick for which golf GPS to use has to be the Garmin Approach S1W.

Our Pick : Garmin Approach S1W

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