Garmin Approach S3Garmin Approach S3


The Garmin Approach S3 is the touch screen GPS golf timepiece that gives simple, instant and precise calculations of the course.

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The Garmin Approach Model  S3 is a waterproof and rugged golf watch that is considered another standard for GPS improvement within the market of GPS golf rangefinders.

Because this is unit is packed with more than 27,000 worldwide golf courses without any subscriptions or charges, Garmin Approach S3 displays the yardages to any point in the greens.

The Garmin Approach S3 introduces the high-resolution and glove-friendly touch screen display; the Green View together with the manual positioning of the pin; the distances towards layups and doglegs; customizable points of yardage and the digital scorecards intended for Stableford and Stroke play that are printable. The pin of the Garmin Approach  Model S3 can be move easily and the touch screen mode is a plus factor. Green View of this unit shows golfer the real layout and shape of the greens.

You can use the unit’s touch screen to move any of the pin manually in any location of the day. This Garmin Approach Model S3 is very helpful on the par-3 where golfers can dial the distance needed and then fire away using lots of confidence. There are preloaded courses that you can play instantly for free.

The Garmin Approach S3 has the same size as the normal sports watch and comfortable to use because it is packed with more than 27,000 preloaded worldwide courses. These courses have no extra fees or required subscriptions. If you needed more courses because you have released the previous courses, you can download them immediately and without any cost.

Garmin Approach S3 gives distances anywhere at the greens that can be customized. These can be seen on the doglegs. You can encode and save any yardage points such as bunkers or water hazards from whatever points there is in the course.

Garmin Approach S3 introduces digital scorecard selections intended for single players. The options for scoring include the Stableford and Stroke play as well as you can also save, review or print your scorecards direct from your personal computer. In addition, you can see how far you’ve went when you hit big because of the feature called measure shot.

You can choose from any of the two colors according to your style. The Garmin Approach S3 is offered in 2 vivid color combinations such as white with the red trim or black with the gray trim. This unit can be worn everyday because it has features of a normal wrist watch.

The Garmin Approach S3 functions similar to everyday watches plus it includes odometer so that you can check the distance travelled every day, or each round you have played. It has built-in round timer so that you can save and remember how long you have played in 18. You can say goodbye to fees and subscriptions because this unit has preloaded golf courses of more than 27, 000 along with the rechargeable battery.

The course management of the Garmin Approach S3 is the key especially if a golfer is a novice. The layup distances show the distances needed by a golfer along with the yardages towards the doglegs as well as other hazards found on the golf course. This unit can give you accurate calculations of the yardages found in the golf course.

The numbering is easy to read plus instant measurement of the yardages can be calculated. You can point your wrist anywhere in the course and you are now set to hit that field. Garmin Approach S3 measure shot distances with precise and accurate manner.

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Garmin Approach S3 Product Features:

  • The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf timepiece is loaded with more than 27000 golf courses worldwide.
  • It includes the lifetime golf course updates without any charge.
  • It has touch screen display that is of high resolution and glove-friendly.
  • Using the green view of the unit, you can see the layout as well as the shape of any courses as well as you can shift the pin in any location of the day.
  • The weight is similar to ordinary watches.
  • The price of Garmin Approach S3 is affordable compared to other GPS golf rangefinder.


Garmin Approach S3 Pros and Cons:


  • The new Garmin Approach S3 is handy because it weighs just like your normal watch.
  • This unit can measure the distances of the golfer to any point in the course with accuracy.
  • The screen display is clear enough for you to see the numbers and measurements.
  • You can use this rangefinder in any weather condition because of the waterproof built.
  • This rangefinder is rugged enough that can stand test of time.
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  • Some customers have complains about the life of the battery that last only few hours.


What customers have to say about the Garmin Approach S3?

Based on the experience of Frank Webster, this unit works great for 4 courses and made a good return. The feedback is great plus the calculations are precise. This is must have GPS golf rangefinder.

According to Golf Geeks, the Garmin Approach S3 is the new rangefinder that can give you the requirements for a GPS golf rangefinder. This is easy to use as well. The Garmin Approach S3 is a highly recommended product.

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