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The Leupold GX-4i is the latest digital rangefinder with the Most Accurate Course reading Mechanism.

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The Leupold GX-4i hold the patented technology of a Digital Golf Rangefinder that offers solid alumnium body built.

It has stunning OLED display as well as the line-of-site system measurement designed for every course downloaded.

When it comes to the standard of the chrome faceplate, this attached piece is a great help in knowing your exact location in the course. The snap of Leupold gx-4i includes the Smart Key faceplate plus the GX-4i will be your instant coach. This digital rangefinder provides precise ranging information which golfers like you can use to match the personal distances calculated in the course.

All the great features you can get from this unit will match personal striking from the distance going to every slope. Leupold gx-4i shots can be done through any atmospheric conditions or foggy weather. This digital rangefinder can give suggestions on what kind of club to use.

Leupold has been in the market for creating digital rangefinders that would meet the expectations of every golfer. These gadgets have the patented technology used by the company to provide exact measurements as well as calculations of the course. Swings and shots are done precisely because this Leupold gx-4i can be your guide and a caddy as well.

Based on the Leupold gx-4i review, this product is a highly recommended product because of its accuracy and portability. You can just carry this along with you while you are in the golf course without even bothering your game. So, if you are planning to buy a new rangefinder with digital features and handy enough to fit in your pockets, the Leupold model gx-4i is the product to purchase.

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Leupold gx-4i Product Features:

  • The Leupold gx-4i has Red OLED readout feature.
  • The DNA Technology you can get from Leupold gx-4i offers the most accurate and fastest reading in golf industry.
  • It has the one-touch scanning mode for faster examination of the field.
  • It has both the Prism Lock technology and the fog mode that can allow you to take shots even in unfavourable weather.
  • The Leupold gx-4i can give accuracy contained by one-foot at 400 yards going to the pin or 800 yards towards the tree.
  • The warranty is appealing to any golfer that is new in digital rangefinder.


Leupold gx-4i Pros and Cons:


  • This unit is made to last because of the aluminium built.
  • The Leupold model gx-4i is a digital rangefinder that possessed the features any golfer needs to have in a rangefinder.
  • The Red OLED readout feature of this unit can give you easier reading of the course.
  • It has the DNA technology that you will need in taking your swings and shots in the golf courses.
  • This is easy to operate the accuracy is undeniable.
  • The price is indeed very affordable especially for golfers whom until now don’t have their own digital rangefincer.
  • The warranty for this product will assure you that this product is robust enough.
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  • Few customers who have purchased this product have complains regarding the battery life of the rangefinder.


What customers have to say about the Leupold gx-4i?

Based on the experience of Michael, this product has exceeded his expectations with regards to digital rangefinder. The Leupold gx-4i is a huge help when he swings and throw his shots. The calculations are accurate. This is a very impressive gadget.

According to Patrick, this Leupold gx-4i is easy to use. It can determine the exact location as well as identify the hazards along the way. This product is a highly recommended and the best rangefinder in the market today. The upgrade of Leupold gx-4i is a breakthrough.

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