Izzo Swami Sport


Izzo Swami SportThe Izzo Swami Sport is a great fit for a select set of golfers given its price being right for anyone on a budget.

It is designed to clip onto a golf bag, the most convenient place to have it, other than having a golf watch on the wrist.

The bold bright color of the Izzo Swami Sport ensures not having trouble spotting it.

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Everything is shown on the main screen of the Izzo Swami Sport as it displays distance to the center in a large font, distances to front and back in a medium sized font and hole number, par and time of day in a small font.

There is no need to touch the unit during a round as it changes holes automatically, still, changing holes manually with the Izzo Swami Sport by pressing a button looks easy enough.

While it may be small enough to carry in the pocket, accidental button presses remain a problem if carried this way.

The Izzo Swami Sport is a perfect example of how Izzo continues to put out quality low cost GPS units for delivery of simplicity and accuracy.


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Izzo Swami Sport YellowIzzo Swami Sport Features:

  • 3.25” x 2.25” x 0.625” dimensions & 2oz. weight
  • distance to front, middle and back of the green on the main screen
  • pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide
  • auto course recognition at start up
  • no computer downloads or annual subscription required
  • simple and easy to read display
  • main screen includes hole number, par, and time of day
  • rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery lasts up to two rounds
  • includes carabineer and USB charging cable


Izzo Swami Sport Pros & Cons:




  • 5-12 yards off known and correct distance
  • inaccuracy in manual directions


What People Say about the Izzo Swami Sport:

Izzo Swami Sport Features“Bought new and used 1 time – 2/25/2015. Compared yardages on every hole with my partner who was using a Garmin GPS. On about 5 holes our GPS units read within 1-4 yards of each other. On the rest of the holes, my Swami Sport differed in yardage from the Garmin by 4-11 yards. On each of those holes the Garmin was very close to the known and correct distance while my Swami was 5-12 yards off. My old Swami 1500 was more accurate. Not happy about that. Also, the directions of use in the product package stated – “Note: To return to the main menu anytime, press and hold the Select (B) key for 3 seconds and then release”. When I held down the Select button as directed when playing the course (the hole data was displayed at the time) the Select button did nothing at all.
Update 2/26/2015 – I discussed the above concerns with Matt from Izzo. He said he will be happy to work with me on correcting the yardage inaccuracies on multiple holes at my local GC (Plum Creek GC in Kyle, TX). I agreed to send him a list of the problem holes in the next couple of weeks.” – Catherine Robinson