Garmin Approach S2


The Garmin Approach S2 is a good looking watch that takes the awkward second spot in Garmin Approach S2 Blackthe Garmin S family, priced above the S1 without the advanced features on the S3.

It adds the ability to keep score on the watch and obtain distance information to layups and doglegs to the feature set of the S1, but does not have the touchscreen, ability to position the flagstick on the green for a precise distance or ability to add custom target points of the S3.

When time is premium on a busy course, the Garmin Approach S2 goes about its job in a very simple and stress free way quickly delivering the key information golfers of all levels will surely appreciate.

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The Garmin Approach S2 delivers something that’s not just specific but very useful to Garmin Approach S2 Black Greenthose learning the game or club members practicing under their own steam on weekends, who could do with a few figures to help.

It is one of the most simple GPS to use as no buttons need to be pressed for the most parts since it just sits there and tells the yards to the center, front and back of the green.

The Garmin Approach S2 is a GPS watch designed for golfers in a very nice looking design with its black and white LCD and 4 hardware buttons around the perimeter.


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Garmin Approach S2 WhiteGarmin Approach S2 Features:

  • preloaded worldwide courses
  • easy to use charging clip
  • perfect process from download and installation of syncing software to course map updating
  • GPS receiver can store data for over 30,000 courses
  • updates offered 4 times free of charge for life
  • provides distances to near, center and far points of the green, relative to player position, rather than being limited to fixed front and back points
  • can measure dogleg distances to see around tricky corners of the green
  • Garmin Approach S2 Purpleavailable scoring for single player with savable, downloadable and printable digital scorecards
  • waterproof
  • distances to green points are within the standard range of 4 yards, as accurate as other dedicated devices
  • odometer measures how far has been walked on and off the course
  • around 8 hours battery life

Garmin Approach S2 Pros & Cons:


Garmin Approach S2 BluePros:



  • no pre-mapped hazards
  • no ability to add custom points
  • no online portal
  • 36 hole courses numbering can be confusing
  • relatively expensive



What People Say about the Garmin Approach S2:

Garmin Approach S2“This watch is so easy to use! You get it set with your course and it finds you no matter what hole you start on, which is great for those shotgun starts. There’s no messing around with calling up an app, waiting for a signal, and wondering if the distance is correct. I’ve found it to be very accurate, and all I have to do is quietly look at my wrist! By far the simplest to use of its kind.” – Pam Denny


“I’ve used the S2 6 times without incident. I thought wearing a watch like device during a round would interfere with my swing but it did not. I have only used the yardage to the pin function and found it to be fast and accurate. The instructions are somewhat lacking. It took a little time to figure out how to shut down the S2 as the instructions were not clear. Once I figured it out it turned out to be a simple procedure. The initial set-up was easy and charging the S2 is a snap.” – Dan B Villareal


Garmin Approach S2 Features“First impressions: watch is very light and comfortable. I wish the manual was a little more detailed, as I had to spend a good amount of my first round trying to figure things out. Watch picked up the course in about 30 seconds standing on the first tee. If you’ve activated the “scorecard” feature, one of the nice things the watch does is automatically switch to the scorecard view once you reach the green. This makes entering your score easy without having to navigate menus and sub menus. If you forget to enter in your score, you can still do it via the menus. Yardages were very accurate, as verified by my playing partner with a laser range finder: usually within 2-3 yards.

Two questions I have for others: I inadvertently “started a round” while inside my house. The watch immediately starts searching for a satellite signal. I couldn’t find anyway to de-activate this. After about 10 minutes of fruitless searching, I had to go stand in my front yard like an idiot at 10PM so my watch could finally lock onto satellites. At that point, I was able to cancel the round I had started.

Second question: I’ve been charging primarily through my iPhone charger. Does the watch charge in it’s powered-down state? When it’s powered down I don’t see the battery charging icon, only when it’s on.

I actually like wearing it as a regular watch as well.

All in all, very pleased.” – Will Robinson




Garmin Approach S1W

Garmin Approach S1W (4.4/5)

The Garmin Approach S1W provides accurate distances and is easy to use.

It can really help in honing in on what club to use for each and every shot, with its accuracy making it easier to decide which club to use.

The Garmin Approach S1W is a definite recommendation for anyone who wants to know their distances out on the course without having to worry about a phone app.

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The Garmin Approach S1W is quite comfortable to wear and after a hole or two, is barely realized being worn.

Its read distances match up perfectly to what was marked on the scoreboard and its GPS is so precise and sensitive, adjusting even after a step in one direction or another.

The Garmin Approach S1W knows when hole changes occur and automatically advances to the new hole stats without need to do anything.


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Garmin Approach S1W Features:

  • comes in two colors, black or white
  • displays precise yardages to the back, front, and middle of the green; this is nice since pin locations are always changing
  • comes with all the courses built in; no need to download any software
  • waterproof, rechargeable, and has an odometer that can be used on or off the course
  • displays the Par for the selected hole as little dots on the display

Garmin Approach S1W Hole View

Garmin Approach S1W Pros & Cons:



  • is a watch so you don’t have to break it out every time you want to check a distance
  • there is an automatic hole advance feature
  • automatically finds the closest courses to you so you can easily pick which one you are playing
  • can be used as an everyday watch and includes an alarm
  • has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you will never need to worry about replacing a battery
  • battery life holds up quite well
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  • does not give much extra information, e.g., location of hazards or distance to the bend in the fairway, other than the distance and par of the hole


What People Say about the Garmin Approach S1W:

What People Say About Garmin Approach S1W“This golf watch is very easy to use. I have used it on several other courses in other states since I got it in September and the satellite link was always successful. I have also used it to measure distances walked and this function is useful for determining how much exercise you get in walking. (miles) When finished using the satellite, it reverts to a timepiece which is very convenient. I would recommend this for those who only want to know front, middle or back distances to green and who don’t mind wearing a watch while playing golf. I had not been in the habit of wearing one, but this is very light and doesn’t interfere with my game. I like not having to grab for a distance measuring device, pick it up and put it down before swinging the club. This is easier. “ – MH


“I love my new GPS golf watch. It automatically gives me the distance to the front, middle and back of the green. I am amazed at the difference it made it my game. I really like the fact that it comes preloaded with US courses. All I had to do was charge it and play.” – Eileen

Garmin Approach S1W Features

“It does everything they said it would. I have played 3 different courses with it and it found the courses quickly and accurately. It is a very useful tool, and I like the looks of it alot. I am very satisfied with my purchase.” – James C. Recht




Garmin Approach S4


Garmin Approach S4The Garmin Approach S4 is for the golfers looking to be on the cutting edge of technology with all the goodies, i.e., a touch screen, iPhone Bluetooth connectivity and score tracking.

It offers exceptional ease of use that allows taking it out of the box and straight onto the first tee. After opening the box and charging the unit, 90% of its features are usable on the course without needing to read the manual.

The Garmin Approach S4 offers distances to the front/middle/back of greens along with layup and doglegs. It allows input of custom points for bunker or water hazard inclusions.

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The touch screen of the Garmin Approach S4 can be utilized for more accurate placement of the flagstick or determination of distances to contours, when shooting for the green.

It can measure shot distances, track scores and statistics, reviewable on the watch after a round. However, it does not provide an online portal to save and track the information over time.

Still, the Garmin Approach S4 is hands down, the unit for anybody wanting the best technology available.


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Garmin Approach S4 Features:

  • 1” across, with a 128 x 128 pixel resolution
  • comes with over 30,000 pre-loaded worldwide courses
  • keeps up with both new course and existing course changes via free lifetime updates
  • dedicated green view button
  • additional statistics tracking, i.e., fairways hit/left/right
  • ability to receive email, texts and alerts, when paired with a compatible Apple iPhone
  • waterproof to 10 meters
  • improved battery life, lasting up to 10 hours in GPS mode

Garmin Approach S4 Features

Garmin Approach S4 Pros & Cons:



  • offers everything that can reasonably be expected or wanted from a GPS watch
  • incredibly simple to use
  • provides useful, simple to navigate features
  • levers technology to the fullest
  • offers Bluetooth connectivity for texts, call alerts and emails
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  • requires a firm touch for its touch screen
  • easily soiling white wrist band
  • no pre-loaded hazards


What People Say about the Garmin Approach S4:

“I love this GPS Device. It works smoothly, it accurate and easy to use. I don’t even notice it’s on my wrist. So fast to just look down on my wrist and see the distance. Also less time reading distances for playing partners that do not have GPS. Give me more time to think about strategy and the type of shot I want to make.” – Richard Goldstein


What People Say About Garmin Approach S4“I’m a 12 handicap player that unfortunately only plays once or twice a week.. Was looking for the “best” product to help make distance easy, and accurate. Originally looked at laser devices and was one click away when I decided GPS would maybe be a better fit for me, as I have a hard time holding my friends still, and sometimes would shoot the wrong thing giving me a bogus distance. Long story short, I still didn’t like the idea of needing to bring something out of my bag, cart or have in my pocket and gave this S a chance.. This thing is the best purchase I have EVER made for golf.. Hands down, the easiest, most accurate device you can imagine.. It is instant.. And dead on.. Just went on a golf trip playing several different courses for the first time and this helped me tremendously. All my other buddies have the laser or GPS wouldn’t even go to their bag anymore. They were constantly asking me.. No problem, I just turned my wrist over and it was there.. It’s without a doubt a MUST by for any avid golfer.. Can’t speak highly enough about it.. Now you may want to purchase the cheaper version without all the bells and whistles and I’m sure it would be just fine. I used the email and text function just to see that it worked, but didn’t want that to always be coming across while I’m playing.. I did however use it for the drive home. Pretty cool really.. Anyway, don’t read another review.. If you can afford this watch. Buy it! If you can’t and just need basic distance, buy one of the cheaper versions.. But if you do buy this, you will be very pleased.. I don’t normally review things, but want to let the world know how great this is.. By the way, we played 36 holes per day and I had it running 100 percent of the time.. No screen saver.. Never a problem with battery. Checked out the distance from plates on course and friends laser and it was spot on.. I mean dead on.. No problems, no worries, easy out of the box … It works.. Buy it.” – Bryson Wilson


“You arive at the course, turn to the GPS feature on, confirm you are at the course it thinks you are at, Hit Start Round and that’s it!!! You basically do not have to do anything else the rest of the round. (If you choose to keep score on it you can but I rarely use that feature). It updates yardages as you go so, you walk up to your ball, look at your wrist like looking at the time, and you have your yardage, simple as that, no taking out of the, no urn lipping it from your belt, no trying to laz the flag…just look at your wrist and you have your yardage(Front, Back and Center). A few more points, it is very lite on your wrist, at first I was worried it would bug me (I do not wear a watch) but by time you leave the range warming up you do not even know you have it on. The “Green View” I seldom use, Front, Back and Center are close enough for me. The “Layup Feature” I also rarely use, most of the time it is just doing the math for you to the 150′, and 100′ markers, occasionally it will have a layup to the dogleg or water hazard if the course has it programmed in. In closing I bought the Touch Screen S4 but so far I think I could of just as easily gone with the S2 because I do not use a lot of the additional features of the S4 but it was on sale and I may in n the furture use some of them. In closing, I think the best endorsement for this product is 2 of the guys I play golf with have already gone out and bought 1 of these for themselves. After you see it in action it sells itself. Oh, there is one thing you do give up from other GPSs (I mostly used Goff Logic iPhone App (Subsrciption) and a couple of other stand alone GPSs, and this is true for Laser units. You give the ability to know distances to course feature/objects (sand traps, the big tree on the right or carry distance over the water) so,it still isn’t the PERFECT yardage solution (say having Fluff, Bones or J Ted on your bag) but it is cheaper and the easies yardage solution I have found so far…..hope you other golfers find this helpful.” – Robert Schroeder