Bresser Rangefinder 800


Bresser Rangefinder 800The Bresser Rangefinder 800 is a compact and easy to use device that finds the distance between you and a distance object up to 800 yards away, showing unit readings in yards or meters.

It removes the guesswork and does the heavy lifting, when needing to know just how far an object is.

The compact, simple to use Bresser Rangefinder 800 quickly delivers the data needed to drive the shot home.

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The 4 targeting modes of the Bresser Rangefinder 800 allows for access of accurate readings, even in bad weather, with its reflective target, at distances greater than 150 yards.

Its compact dimension and low weight, i.e. 7” x 7” x 7” with a 4 ¾” x 3” height and 7 oz. weight, make it an ideal companion for hiking, hunting, golfing and other outdoor activities at sea or in the arena, identifying the exact distance of objects in seconds via laser drilling.

The different setting functions of the Bresser Rangefinder 800 allow measurements even in bad weather conditions including rain.


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Bresser Rangefinder 800 Features:

  • Bresser Rangefinder 800 Featurestarget-quality meter
  • 4X magnification
  • 21 mm objective lens
  • 12 mm eye relief
  • 800 yard range
  • 3.8 mm exit pupil
  • adjustable focus eyepiece
  • 8” view range
  • multi-coated optics
  • LCD display
  • +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • comes with nylon carrying case and lens cloth
  • includes 1 9V battery

Bresser Rangefinder 800 Pros & Cons:





  • gets blurry at times
  • close to worthless written instructions; tip: refer to a YouTube video for good operating instructions


What People Say about the Bresser Rangefinder 800:

Bresser Rangefinder 800 User“This is so easy to use, even I can do it. It has a handy strap to hang on the golf bag (since my husband loses everything). The price was really good. Love the automatic turn off switch to save battery life.” – Nancy


“This is a very basic rangefinder BUT it works! Best used in good light with substantial/highly reflective and stationary targets, I’d recommend this for golfers, stand hunters or others who can take the time and care necessary to get an accurate reading. Works fine for me in ranging for airgun sports. It ranges quickly as close as 7 yards and beyond, +/- 1 yard. In casual ranging I have gotten consistent readings on bluff ridges up to 780 yards away!

Things I liked:

1. Accurate, and extremely intuitive to use: only two buttons! One to turn unit on/off and to range, the other to switch between meters and yards. Auto-turnoff is a little quick (only about 15-20 seconds) but upside is that I’ve had it and used it for a couple of months nearly every day on the same 9v battery!

2. Unit is rubber-armored and has a positive tactile grip and gives the impression it would hold up well in most reasonable field conditions.

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Things I didn’t like:

Well so far I have no complaints, just a list of items I wish this unit had (for the same price!) like a tripod attachment, scan function, etc. which if you feel you need you’ll have to spend more to get them ;).

Bresser Rangefinder 800 User 2Transaction was smooth and fulfillment was on time. Rangefinder arrived well packed and perfect condition.” – Papa Vic “Papa Vic”
“I’m a handgun target shooter and wanted an inexpensive rangefinder to estimate distance to targets. I did not want to spend $200-300 for a rangefinder. The Bresser 800 is perfect for this purpose. It is inexpensive, simple to operate, uses a standard 9 volt battery, and comes with a soft carry case. It provides distance measurement in meters or yards very quickly. It will estimate distance as close as 6 yards to as far away as 800 yards. It will also shut itself off fairly quickly to conserve battery life. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Anyone wanting an inexpensive rangefinder for the purpose I described would be very happy with the Bresser 800.” – Terry R. Nye