What is the best golf GPS for under $100?

The best golf GPS for under $100 is a golf GPS that provides quick and accurate hole  distance information as well as other targets and hazards for a price tag of less than $100. They also provide prior shot lengths, course layouts and green front, middle and back distances among other features.

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What to look for in the best golf GPS for under $100

The best golf GPS for under $100 should come with the ability to store at least 10 golf course maps at a time with an automatic course recognition. It offers accurate real time information even if it does not offer a complete hole display. It can come with an activation fee for uploading any of the available golf course maps in a given year.

The best golf GPS for under 100 dollars should provide the needed distances for a golfer to know what golf club to use when he needs them most. It should enable the golfer to improve his game and lower his scores.

The best golf GPS for under $100 must be rainproof with a rechargeable battery and is perfect for the golfer on a budget who is looking to improve his game. It must come with features that more expensive GPS systems also offer at the same time.

Two best golf GPS for under $100 available on the marketbest golf GPS for under $100

1.  Bushnell Neo Golf GPS

The Bushnell Neo Golf GPS is a care free golf GPS for under $100 that is simple and easy to use. It is so small and lightweight that it is barely noticeable when placed in the front pocket. It has a great value despite its inclusion of recurring subscription fees. It allows the golfer to track how far he hits his shots.

2. Izzo Golf Swami 3000Izzo Golf Swami 3000

The Izzo Golf Swami 3000 is a high quality but cheap golf GPS for under $100 that is ready to play upon charging with over 19,000 preloaded courses. It does not involve any annual or subscription fees. It offers quick yardage display to the green front, center and back. It is simple to operate with its large display that affords easy reading.

Which Best Golf GPS for under $100 to Go For? And Why?

The Bushnell Neo Golf GPS garnered a 91 score and an A- grade compared with the 80 score and a B- grade of the Izzo Golf Swami 3000 in reviews from a group of professional golfers based on the criteria of set up, course availability and details, ease of use, features, accuracy and cost per value. Our recommendation for the best golf GPS for under $100 is the Bushnell Neo Golf GPS.

Our Pick : Bushnell Neo Golf GPS

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