sonocaddie v500 reviewSonocaddie V500 Review


The Sonocaddie V500 Review comes preloaded plus all set to play along with lots of golf courses in the US and it shows course targets, hazards and their comparative position on golf hole.

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This Sonocaddie V500 features a three-inch and full color touch screen.

The Sonocaddie V500 is created for smart use as well as it has utmost targeting capabilities even when you are in direct contact with sunlight.

Also its free of charge basic plan provides specific distance information like in any point along the course and your comparative position.According to the Sonocaddie V500 Review the Sonocaddie V500 also offers digital scorecard, shot measurement, game analysis capabilities, and usual game tracking. With the included optional membership, any member can upgrade their data plan towards a full-color layout plus get satellite imagery too. This gives any golfer the “full image” of the hole and the golf course using elevated resolution satellite imagery as well as videos such as fly over.

Sonocaddie V500 Review Product Features:

  • The Sonocaddie V500 has smart touch-screen with multiple function GPS and is preloaded with lots of golf courses in the US
  • The product can be use with yearly fees plus  Sonocaddie V500 has no downloading requirement and the membership can be upgraded with high resolution satellite imagery and videos like for instance fly-over
  • Its touch screen is three inches wide and sunlight viewable
  • It has digital scorecard as well as game breakdown capabilities plus it can measures your shot distance along with its usual game tracking system
  • The Sonocaddie V500 Review requires XP or Vista or Windows 7 and has 12 MB or added hard disk room



Sonocaddie v500 Review Key Features:

Sonocaddie V500 Review eliminates the process of downloading through loading in advance all obtainable courses in the country. It can provide golfers precise distance info from wherever point on the golf course. User interface of this product shows golfer their position on any golf course.

This V500′s high resolution backlight screen can be viewed even during bright sunlight.

The Sonocaddie V500 eliminates the call for paper scorecard through automatic calculation of the whole score using the touch button. Towards the end there is a summary presented by Sonocaddie V500 Review of the round completed using score and statistics.

You can make corrections or changes on your reference points with the Sonocaddie V500 Review.

Sonocaddie V500 can record golfers’ locations for every shot on the screen and can trace waypoints automatically while doing their round. You can store any information with the Sonocaddie V500 Review allowing you to assess your round.

The Sonocaddie V500 lets you to find out the exact image using yardage information as you play with possible satellite images. Any image can be adjusted to suit on your screen allowing you not to scroll down the entire hole.


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The Sonocaddie V500 Golf Membership Plans:

Free Basic Plan:

In this type of Sonocaddie V500 Review Plan, there are entire color course schemes for a country which are preloaded at no extra charge. If your golf course isn’t preloaded, then Sonocaddie can give a mapping/course service at no charge.

Advanced Plans:

In the Sonocaddie V500 Review Advanced Plan, you can have the following benefits such as color satellite imagery, worldwide full color course layouts and video flyovers. The V500 offers possible plans if a golfer would want to download added satellite images otherwise video flyovers intended for the courses they wanted to play.


Sonocaddie V500 Review Pros and Cons:



  • Golf courses downloading can be eliminated because there are preloaded courses available.
  • Any golfer can see their actual yardage using the satellite imagery.
  • It is handy and be stores in any large size pocket.
  • The Sonocaddie V500 backlight with high resolution images can be viewed even on direct sunlight.
  • A summary of your scores and rounds can be easily monitored or seen.
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  • Hazards on the golf courses are not seen on the screen of the Sonocaddie V500 Review unit.


What customers have to say about Sonocaddie v500 Review?

According to Minicent, this is his last GPS. He like the preloaded features of this Sonocaddie v500 and the built-in courses. This is easy to use as well.

Base on the assessment of Jack McCormack, this Sonocaddie v500 Review has the best product features from each GPS and then rolled them to Sonocaddie unit as one.

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