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Today, the Skycaddie SGX GPS as a product is rated as one of the premium and best products in golf rangefinders market.

There are a lot of product features that make SGX GPS Skycaddie top of the line and very attractive.

Reviews regarding this product surprisingly have made huge impact in terms of availability and quality of the product.

If you are a novice, you will be amazed once you purchase this product.

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This Skycaddie SGX GPS Review shows reliable features of the product as well as its pros and cons. According to customers, this one of the most promising golf Gps systems.


Skycaddie SGX GPS Product Features

The Skycaddie SGX Gps first feature would be its 3” wide display.  This display comes with state of the art LCD screen allowing you to have the clearest images during sunny days.  This gadget is not a touch screen making it more accessible and does not give you the worries of cleaning the screen from time to time.

Are you that sceptical with regards to the yardages of your usual golf course?  Then Skycaddie SGX Gps will give the confidence of not looking to yardage markers again.  This unit can be purchased with newest technology called True Point GPS Precision Positioning Technology.  This kind of technology linking the device to satellites making it fast and saves you time.  At the same time this technology increases your accuracy over the entire terrains which incudes areas with dense tree coverage.

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Skycaddie SGX GPS Pros and Cons


  • Skycaddie SGX GPS  has Precise Yardages and Exact Targets – You can move from points to points on your screen to be able to find the best club selection.
  • It has very clear display with its vibrant colors.
  • It has easy to use and find buttons and functions. The system is a lot superior compared to other SPS systems available.
  • Skycaddie SGX GPS  has easy to use positioning system that will take only seconds to locate the next best yardage shots.
  • Statistical Data – once you upload your scores along with other information, you are able to instantly observe how you enhancing. You may also compare your scores with other people all over the world while using Skycaddie system.
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  • Updating – Should you not update regularly (if this informs you there’s an update), you’ll have problems loading maps.
  • Syncing – Many people are getting trouble syncing the machine using their home computer systems. You will not have this issue is the computer is under annually approximately old.


Overall, in my opinion the Skycaddie SGX GPS navigation is a superb tool for the more complex golfer.  This product isn’t something for that weekend hacker.  It is perfect for the gamers that need to make enhancements around the course.

If you are not seriously interested in your round of golf you might like to take a look at other Gps navigation models because that one is a little pricey around $300.  I additionally think that this Gps navigation unit provides gamers with an abundance of information and when you will make use of the information, it’s worth it.


What clients have to say about the merchandise:

T. Kelso

He said that lately he bought the Skycaddie SGX GPS and like lots of people was built with a problem attempting to register the merchandise. After he attempted to sync on my small computer with Home windows 7 and 64 bit, he never ended up getting it to sync, and so i required it to office and could focus on my XP machine. It possesses a temporary treatment for Home windows 7, but real fix can come shortly. So far as use and simplicity of use, this is actually the best Skycaddie SGX GPS navigation he had and he had an earlier sky caddie and many lately an upro. Things he likes best may be the clarity from the screen and just how fast it reads the distance. Just like any product completely new available on the market, you will find ordinarily a couple of bugs, but the product may be worth the trouble.


Darin Harbor

He said he really likes the new Skycaddie. It’s which may have every very extensive courses selection (everything he plays or have performed) available. The distances are extremely accurate and also the method is very simple to use. He loves the truth that it’s motion sensors built-in that auto alter the screen view simply by turning Skycaddie SGX GPS from upright to left for that scorecard or suitable for the eco-friendly view. Four stars.


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