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Skycaddie BreezeSkycaddie Breeze is a slight iteration of the Skycaddie SGX and SGXw devices, with virtually the same hefty hardware, but  with the distinction of being feature upgradable.

It comes with distance info to the front, center and back of greens, users then pay one-time fees for device upgrade to access additional features, coming in 3 different feature packs, that includes enhanced green detail, full hole views and yardage arcs.

Advanced green detail from the Skycaddie Breeze is provided for 59% of the courses while pin sheet coverage is provided for 4% of courses.

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The Skycaddie Breeze offers unmatched ability for customization of both features and preferential settings and provides more detailed course info than any other device.

It is a desirable option for players wanting full assortment of upgradable features and willing to pay the considerable fees.

Feature Pack 1 of the Skycaddie Breeze adds IntelliGreen and IntelliGreen Pro functionality and target list view; Feature Pack 2 provides Interactive HoleVue and QuickVue functionality and Feature Pack 3 offers Dynamic RangeVue and Pinpoint.


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Skycaddie Breeze Features:

  • straight forward navigation for easy access of feature variety
  • joystick for quick selection of target points without screen obstruction with finger
  • graphics are most comprehensive of all non-satellite image devices, with green graphic rotating based on player position
  • provides almost all features expected from a premium priced golf GPS device
  • distances provided are within 4 to 7 yards of sprinkler head readings, available all the way to the green
  • requires syncing for both course and software updates and score and statistic transfer to SkyCaddie’s online portal
  • charging is through included AC adapter or direct computer plugging
  • box includes rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, USB to micro-USB cable, A/C power adapter, belt clip and cradle, LCD screen guards and installation instructions, LCD screen cleaning cloth, player’s guide, quick start guide and additional documentation, e.g. warranty
  • user manual available via SkyCaddie website download

Skycaddie Breeze Features

Skycaddie Breeze Pros & Cons:





  • large and heavy
  • high 3 year total cost
  • course coverage extremely low for advance green features and virtually non-existent for pin sheet positions
  • holes can sometimes get cropped, particularly doglegs, when zooming on a hole and when position is far from fairway center
  • Target List often initially displays only a subset of total available targets and doesn’t drop off targets from the list after passing them on the hole
  • no ability to step back to a previous view
  • no ability to modify lay-up points shown in full hole view
  • Online ClubSG portal can do better with a lot of improvement


What People Say about the Skycaddie Breeze:

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze

“I hate to say, the first unit I received did not work at all. I had to ship it back. However I was sent a new unit immediately and had it within a couple of days. Now for a couple of heads up to save you the hours I spent to get it to work, and download the courses I wanted. First I could not get the unit to sync to get me started. After way too much time and frustration I contacted one of their tech people, and after their investigation they asked if I was trying to do this on a work computer. The answer was yes. They told me I needed to sync it at home on my pc. Once I did this it went flawlessly. Second, (at home) I could not get the courses page to cooperate. tried multiple sites, but all of them failed and now I was unable to download the courses I wanted. Contacted the tech people again. After their investigation this time, they asked what web browser I was using. I told them, mozzilla foxfire. They asked me to try another browser. I switched to google, and once again FLAWLESS. So the reviews I have read about useless tech people were totally untrue for me. Now…….I have it working (perfectly). And I absolutely love this thing! I have all three feature packs (came pre-loaded on mine). And I cannot imagine having access to any more information so simply. I hope this info helps someone avoid the pitfalls I ran into. If it does, you won’t believe how simple and AWESOME this product is!!!!” – The jammer

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze 2

“It works great. It was easy to use right out of box.iIt only takes four hours to charge unit. It display is easy to look at and the numbers are big and easy read.i use a three wheeled push cart when I play golf and cart has tee holder and use two tee to hold the unit on the cart .” – Christopher Whelan

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze 3

“I have always been a little suspect of the accuracy of a GPS unit compared to a laser rangefinder. I have a buddy who had a Skycaddie and his yardages were always within a few yards of my rangefinder so I finally decided to make the plunge and buy the Skycaddie breeze. I have been very please with it so far. I have updated it with the extra feature packs, which were on sale when I purchased the unit, and they are excellent. I love that you can move the pin position around on the green to determine the carry over various green front hazards. I had no issues at all with the software installs or the course updates.” – DT




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