Bushnell NEO XS


Bushnell NEO XSThe Bushnell NEO XS is the lightest and thinnest golf watch among the Bushnell golf GPS watches, with a rounded body design, coming in 3 colors, black/yellow, charcoal/orange and white/cobalt.

It is an incredibly well rounded package, ergonomically speaking, with the unit band forming well to the contour of the wrist, offering plenty of length options for users of all sizes.

The ability to simply look down at the wrist and get the necessary numbers to confidently pull the proper club from the bag has never been easier than with the Bushnell NEO XS.

It provides affirmation that the GPS watch has a strong future with its continued design and usage advancement.

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The Bushnell NEO XS has upped the maximum number of provided hazards to 4 per hole, provides a one button press for shot distance tracking and a round odometer.

It provides distances to the fixed front, center and back points on the green in addition to standard golf GPS features, i.e., 33,000+ preloaded countries in more than 30 countries, auto course recognition and hole advance.

The watch features of the Bushnell NEO XS include timer, stopwatch and alarm.


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Bushnell NEO XS Features:

  • setup is literally as simple as pulling the unit out of the box, charging it up for use and heading to the course
  • charging is via the included USB cable, featuring a spring loaded clipping mechanism, matching up with inputs on the watch rear
  • putting the watch into play is a matter of putting the watch on, pressing the golf button, selecting Play Golf and picking the right course
  • automatic hole advance feature based on course geographic location
  • automatic watch display provides front, middle and back distances of the green from current hole
  • middle button on the right hand side pressing provides up to 4 hazard locations followed by the distance to the hazard
  • on-course ability for shot measurement from 1 point to another with a button press

Bushnell NEO XS Features

Bushnell NEO XS Pros & Cons:



  • easy to use and incredibly accurate in general distance read-outs
  • auto-off timer for GPS satellite disconnection after a given time frame, conserving impressive battery life, equivalent to 4 rounds
  • odometer for current round total time and overall travel distance tracking
  • Tee Time Start feature for watch pre-programming for future tee times, when it would automatically turn on 7 minutes before tee time
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  • no scorecard feature
  • interface is not the flashiest


What People Say about the Bushnell NEO XS:

What People Say about Bushnell NEO XS“Played with the watch for the first time today. No problems. Accurate information from tee to green. I played in a scramble that took over 5 hours to complete — three out of four bars left on the battery indicator. I had no problems charging the rangefinder out of the box. Followed the instructions, downloaded and installed the plug in and updated all the courses I play. If you don’t care about using it to keep score but want accurate yardage to potential hazards as well as the front, middle and back of the green, this is the watch for you. Some people seemed to have an issue with the strap but it seemed fine to me. Got the charcoal and orange model. Even though I need cheaters to read, I had no problem seeing the bright display outdoors. If only my game were as good as the device.” – Noonan


“I changed from a laser rangefinder to this watch. I have also used other more advanced GPS devices but found them to be frustrating, difficult to see in sunlight and time consuming. This has proven to be the best of all for quickly getting important distances. the watch is very comfortable to wear; I forget that it is on and don’t feel that it interferes with my swing in any way. I only have to wait for a few seconds for the distance to “settle in” on a yardage when I arrive at my ball. Front, middle and back yardages seem to work just fine, at least on my home course. I used to think I needed exact pin yardages with the laser but I have found that this works just as well at my skill level (2.0 Hcp). My wife has the same watch and is equally pleased with hers.” – larry loomis


“My game has improved – more directly, my accuracy into the greens has increased dramatically! This watch (or any GPS device really) let’s me know that I don’t have to take a 7 iron into a green from 170 yards away. I can see that the front of the green is only playing at 155 and I can take an easy 8 iron and have better control.

Now if I can only putt!” – Glenn




Garmin Approach S4


Garmin Approach S4The Garmin Approach S4 is for the golfers looking to be on the cutting edge of technology with all the goodies, i.e., a touch screen, iPhone Bluetooth connectivity and score tracking.

It offers exceptional ease of use that allows taking it out of the box and straight onto the first tee. After opening the box and charging the unit, 90% of its features are usable on the course without needing to read the manual.

The Garmin Approach S4 offers distances to the front/middle/back of greens along with layup and doglegs. It allows input of custom points for bunker or water hazard inclusions.

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The touch screen of the Garmin Approach S4 can be utilized for more accurate placement of the flagstick or determination of distances to contours, when shooting for the green.

It can measure shot distances, track scores and statistics, reviewable on the watch after a round. However, it does not provide an online portal to save and track the information over time.

Still, the Garmin Approach S4 is hands down, the unit for anybody wanting the best technology available.


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Garmin Approach S4 Features:

  • 1” across, with a 128 x 128 pixel resolution
  • comes with over 30,000 pre-loaded worldwide courses
  • keeps up with both new course and existing course changes via free lifetime updates
  • dedicated green view button
  • additional statistics tracking, i.e., fairways hit/left/right
  • ability to receive email, texts and alerts, when paired with a compatible Apple iPhone
  • waterproof to 10 meters
  • improved battery life, lasting up to 10 hours in GPS mode

Garmin Approach S4 Features

Garmin Approach S4 Pros & Cons:



  • offers everything that can reasonably be expected or wanted from a GPS watch
  • incredibly simple to use
  • provides useful, simple to navigate features
  • levers technology to the fullest
  • offers Bluetooth connectivity for texts, call alerts and emails
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  • requires a firm touch for its touch screen
  • easily soiling white wrist band
  • no pre-loaded hazards


What People Say about the Garmin Approach S4:

“I love this GPS Device. It works smoothly, it accurate and easy to use. I don’t even notice it’s on my wrist. So fast to just look down on my wrist and see the distance. Also less time reading distances for playing partners that do not have GPS. Give me more time to think about strategy and the type of shot I want to make.” – Richard Goldstein


What People Say About Garmin Approach S4“I’m a 12 handicap player that unfortunately only plays once or twice a week.. Was looking for the “best” product to help make distance easy, and accurate. Originally looked at laser devices and was one click away when I decided GPS would maybe be a better fit for me, as I have a hard time holding my friends still, and sometimes would shoot the wrong thing giving me a bogus distance. Long story short, I still didn’t like the idea of needing to bring something out of my bag, cart or have in my pocket and gave this S a chance.. This thing is the best purchase I have EVER made for golf.. Hands down, the easiest, most accurate device you can imagine.. It is instant.. And dead on.. Just went on a golf trip playing several different courses for the first time and this helped me tremendously. All my other buddies have the laser or GPS wouldn’t even go to their bag anymore. They were constantly asking me.. No problem, I just turned my wrist over and it was there.. It’s without a doubt a MUST by for any avid golfer.. Can’t speak highly enough about it.. Now you may want to purchase the cheaper version without all the bells and whistles and I’m sure it would be just fine. I used the email and text function just to see that it worked, but didn’t want that to always be coming across while I’m playing.. I did however use it for the drive home. Pretty cool really.. Anyway, don’t read another review.. If you can afford this watch. Buy it! If you can’t and just need basic distance, buy one of the cheaper versions.. But if you do buy this, you will be very pleased.. I don’t normally review things, but want to let the world know how great this is.. By the way, we played 36 holes per day and I had it running 100 percent of the time.. No screen saver.. Never a problem with battery. Checked out the distance from plates on course and friends laser and it was spot on.. I mean dead on.. No problems, no worries, easy out of the box … It works.. Buy it.” – Bryson Wilson


“You arive at the course, turn to the GPS feature on, confirm you are at the course it thinks you are at, Hit Start Round and that’s it!!! You basically do not have to do anything else the rest of the round. (If you choose to keep score on it you can but I rarely use that feature). It updates yardages as you go so, you walk up to your ball, look at your wrist like looking at the time, and you have your yardage, simple as that, no taking out of the, no urn lipping it from your belt, no trying to laz the flag…just look at your wrist and you have your yardage(Front, Back and Center). A few more points, it is very lite on your wrist, at first I was worried it would bug me (I do not wear a watch) but by time you leave the range warming up you do not even know you have it on. The “Green View” I seldom use, Front, Back and Center are close enough for me. The “Layup Feature” I also rarely use, most of the time it is just doing the math for you to the 150′, and 100′ markers, occasionally it will have a layup to the dogleg or water hazard if the course has it programmed in. In closing I bought the Touch Screen S4 but so far I think I could of just as easily gone with the S2 because I do not use a lot of the additional features of the S4 but it was on sale and I may in n the furture use some of them. In closing, I think the best endorsement for this product is 2 of the guys I play golf with have already gone out and bought 1 of these for themselves. After you see it in action it sells itself. Oh, there is one thing you do give up from other GPSs (I mostly used Goff Logic iPhone App (Subsrciption) and a couple of other stand alone GPSs, and this is true for Laser units. You give the ability to know distances to course feature/objects (sand traps, the big tree on the right or carry distance over the water) so,it still isn’t the PERFECT yardage solution (say having Fluff, Bones or J Ted on your bag) but it is cheaper and the easies yardage solution I have found so far…..hope you other golfers find this helpful.” – Robert Schroeder




Bushnell Tour V3


Bushnell Tour V3The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is the unit to beat as it sets a very high bar for comparison with its excellently redesigned case and its JOLT technology that adds a new layer to the already excellent PinSeeker technology.

The JOLT technology enhances the use of the unit as it vibrates a bit when locking onto target.

This short vibration of the Bushnell Tour V3 lets the golfer know he has the number. It is a cool extra that sets apart this laser rangefinder from its competitors.

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The Bushnell Tour V3 is one better than the V2 with the immediately apparent cosmetic improvements, the most obvious of which is the change in color scheme from the utilitarian gray and black to the much flashier red-black-white combination.

It definitely feels better and more comfortable as it has been redesigned to improve the ergonomics of the unit, for allowance of fitting more precisely into the hand when used.

Measurement with the Bushnell Tour V3 is a matter of turning on and measuring with 2 button presses.

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Bushnell Tour V3 Product Features:

  • combination of PinSeeker and JOLT technologies for zeroing on the flag
  • accuracy within 1 yard; 5-1,000 yard ranging performance;300+ yards to the flag
  • 5X magnification
  • ergonomic design for stable grip provision
  • posi-thread battery door
  • 3-volt battery and premium carry case with a zipper + bungee closure
  • rainproof construction

Bushnell Tour V3 Pros & Cons

Bushnell Tour V3 Pros & Cons:


  • quick and accurate, on and lasing in moments
  • shoot whatever is needed and it gives the number
  • picks up targets from a long way away without need for intermediate targeting
  • no target picking up issues, regardless of other targets present behind the flag
  • excellent price point, definitely competitive, compared to other lasers in the market with similar features
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  • the JOLT technology of the Bushnell Tour V3 can be a source of trepidation as a golfer may end up taking longer to read targets as he waits for the JOLT to fire


What Customers Say about the Bushnell Tour V3:

“AWESOME laser rangefinder. No slope adjustment, which is generally illegal in tournaments, which is great. This has helped me shave strokes off my game as often the “flag that is in the back” is not and knowing the real distance let’s you change the one club up/down to make the difference.

Also I found it bounce off of stuff like
bridges, bunkers and such so you know your carry distance for stuff when you may want to take one more club just in case the shot is a wee bit fat.

Great pin-seeking function for What People Say About Bushnell Tour V3“shakes and wiggles” which just happen with a rangefinder.” – Cr0m


“This was my first purchase of a golf rangefinder, and after a lot of research I decided to buy the V3 without the “slope” capability. (That wasn’t worth the extra $100 to me.). It has been tremendous so far. Worked right out of the box with no set-up process or calibration, etc. it operates from a single button to identify the target, and it gives you a slight vibration when it locks on the target. Much faster and more accurate than my GPS system. As a result, I’m more confident that I know the yardage for my shot; it’s up to me to execute the shot.” – Frank Labrador


“I wanted to wait a few months before I sent in my review – needing time to use it and evaluate it. I must admit, my scores were considerably lower this summer due to this amazing rangefinder. Although this device is rather pricey I feel that it was worth the investment. The build quality is exceptional and I feel this will be in my bag for many years to come. Just point-and-click – it’s just that easy. And the supplied battery is still running for 6 months – I play 36-45 holes per week. I’m a 6-handicapper teeing off from both the traditional white and blue tee boxes. It’s great for “shooting” yardage to various points on each hole, and it valuable for establishing true yardages on the driving range. Just knowing the “exact” yardage to the hole takes out the guesswork/mistakes in club selection – it’s like having your own caddie tracking down yardage for you. I previously used the GolfLogix device and the Swing-by-Swing app on my smart phone – found them too tedious and hard to read (glare from the sun) – needed glasses for the smart phone (over 40 you know), and never received the yardage to the hole – only center/front/back – nice, but not good enough for me.” – Z-Man



Playing golf is one of the most gratifying sports especially to those who prefer convenient sports than to extreme ones. But how can you have an edge compared to others golfers in the field? The truth is that there are gadgets that you can opt for so that you can have the advantage while playing with other competitors. To be able to have the best golfing experience, it is ideal that you have the best golf gps gadget. This device can assist you in tracking the field and how you can have hole in through few strokes. This is the strategy that every golfer uses so that they can play the game way much better than before. If you wish to know more regarding this product, you visit websites that offer the best deals regarding GPS devices.

These gadgets include watches and hands on devices that use GPS to track various golf courses all over the world. These are downloadable golf courses that uses satellite feed images so that you can assess how long will it take for you to finish the game. Also, this is an advantage especially if you are a newbie in the world of golf. Playing this kind of sports can be tricky since there re hazards long the way to the hole. There are also sandy areas and swamps that you may not notice therefore using GPS gadgets can help you a lot. This is the right time to own your personal GPS device so that you can benefit a lot from it. Using such devices you will be able to grasp the best deals regarding the best devices that you can benefit from. If you are thinking that these devices are expensive, think again. There are gadgets that are sold at affordable so that golfers won’t have the hard time playing golf with their families and friends. But if you consider this sport as a competition, then owning this type of gadget is very important.

Now that you have gathered information about GPS devices for golf, it is the deal time that you choose where to purchase them. It is important that you get the best device from reliable company in order that you won’t get your money to waste. This is just simple if you can compare the advantages and disadvantages that you can have when you buy GPS devices on your own. Make it a point that you do your own evaluation in order that you have invested in the right product.

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