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The Leupold gx-3i is the untitled Leupold Rangefinder with digital GX Series and is faster, brighter than the old model.

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It is more accurate to calculate the course with the Leupold gx-3i because it is created using the Prism Lock technology from Leupold.

The new model from Leupold uses the highly absorbed prisms incorporated with lots of golf courses and the pins to have the highest greatness return.

Leupold gx-3i is the Digital Series Rangefinders that features compact design for easy estimation of the course. The Leupold gx-3i has compact design making this product easy to use for excellent performance of the Digital Enhanced Accuracy meant for quicker measurements by clicking the Diopter alteration most favourable precision displayed in 1/10 yard Ranges. The rangefinder has magnification of 6 times.

The PinHunter Technology from the Leupold gx-3i assures accurate distance during tournaments. This unit is completely weatherproof and uses intense clarity in its single touch fog and scan mode. The reticles of the Leupold gx-3i has fold down rubber eye cups.

The weight of this unit from Leupold is only 7.8 ozs. And the dimensions are 4.1 inches by 2.9 inches by 1.3 inches (LxHxW). Because this is so small, you can fit it in your pocket while you hover around the course.  This product is tested to give golf game the best experience because of the multiple features it can give.

Based on the reviews regarding Leupold gx-3i, this unit has the best upgrade since the launched of the old model. Golfers around the world have received great results because of the specs it provides to the gamer. The single swing can be done through the clear screen of the Leupold gx-3i.

If you desire to have a rangefinder that has the exact calculations, the new model from Leupold is the best option. Aside from the fact that this is made Leupold, this unit also has the excellent technology for all golf needs. This product is offered at the best price so far making it a must have rangefinder of today.

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Leupold gx-3i Product Features:

  • The satisfaction the customers are receiving is the first priority of Leupold gx-3i.
  • If the customer is unhappy with their purchase, the company offers full one month return guarantee.
  • If at any reason you didn’t like the item, you can get in touch through their RMA number.
  • Always bear in mind that that items or products returned having no RMA won’t be accepted or processed.
  • This Leupold gx-3i is the product that possessed limited product warranty.
  • This product has the patented technology from Leupold.
  • It has prism lock technology for exact measurement.


Leupold gx-3i Pros and Cons:


  • This product holds the patented technology from Leupold.
  • The Leupold gx-3i is built to last making it one of the best products in market.
  • In case that the customer’s satisfaction is not fulfilled, then there is a one month money back warranty.
  • There is also an assistant center if you wanted to return the product.
  • You can calculate the range of your distance around the golf course accurately.
  • The unit possessed the prism lock technology for accurate calculation.
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  • There are customers who have issues with the battery life of the product.


What customers have to say about the Leupold gx-3i?

Based on the experience of Danattherock, this unit is absolutely an outstanding gadget. If you are calculating 800 yards, this unit is easy to operate. He only saw this from a user’s manual and definitely loved it ever since. This is indeed a must have unit.

According to Rednox1530, this new model from Leupold is an interesting rangefinder. If you are looking for the best rangefinder in the market, then this leupold gx-3i is the product to prefer. Based on the reviews, Leupold are creating astounding rangefinders. The leupold gx-3i is a highly recommended product.

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