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It is very advantage in playing the golf course using GolfLogix by Garmin GPS mapping so that you can know the distances from t center, front and back of green and also the hazards.

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And also you can calculate and displays distances using this device because this Golflogix by Garmin you can recognizes of what is automatically played.

It is very precise and durable using GolfLogix GPS-8 handled unit plus it’s very high sensitive to handled GolfLogix by Garmin. Because of 12- channel GPS which guarantee excellent accuracy as well as quicker time of acquisition.  The weight is 5.3 ounces and measuring 1.2 in. thin and nicely and compact. When submerged in water, it is 100 percent water proof and also outdoor use.

The large screen LCD of GolfLogix by Garmin has 64×128 pixels resolution. Golflogix from Garmin has a good features and amazing visibility even under direct sunlight and finally you can adjust them contrast and the backlight screen setting for the dark plying conditions. If you are on the location, you will see the green, the hazards and the distances on the screen of Golflogix by Garmin and it comes in huge visible numbers.

The device is so compact and it looks attractive on its sleek black screen. It automatically advances to all targets in the golf course. There is no need to push any buttons each in every round to point to the target.

Storing data on each hole is possible using GolfLogix by Garmin. Data includes: hazards, layups, front or center or back of the green, bunkers, water and carries. The GolfLogix by Garmin includes software which allows users to download bout 20 golf courses.

All you need to do is to download it from the database of Golflogix from 15,000 choices. This is compatible in any major OS such as 2000, Vista, XP and even Tiger or Leopard Mac OS. Downloading of your preferred golf course can be done for free. You also have the option to be a member so you can gain access to many courses in worldwide database for only low subscription fee annually.

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GolfLogix by Garmin Product Features:

  • This GolfLogix by Garmin for golf enthusiasts has user friendly features, it allow user to see key yardage course distances
  • The GolfLogix instantly calculates golf course distances may it be located on the front, center or back of the green, It can download 20 golf courses from the choices of 21,800.
  • LCD dimension of  GolfLogix by Garmin is 1.25×2.25 inches and the screen is visible even in direct sunlight. The device is shockproof and waterproof.
  • Operating system compatibility with Windows 200, Vista or XP, Mc OS and battery life extends up to 22 hours. The package of GolfLogix from Garmin includes AA batteries, USB-serial code, clip and bags.


Other features of this GolfLogix from Garmin include: last shot distance, displays in large numbers fit for impaired visions, name on screen can be personalized, anti theft, distances can be in yards and meters, bag clip and belt included on the package, USB drivers and runs on Golflogix Course Manager program with 1 year warranty.


GolfLogix by Garmin Pros and Cons:


  • GolfLogix from Garmin is more flexible to use because of its compact design, it is a hand held device for your golf game.
  • You will be provided with data accuracy.
  • When compared with other similar devices, this GolfLogix by Garmin does not need any point and aim process just to get direct line of sight.
  • This is convenient and easier to use.
  • The GolfLogix by Garmin is affordable and the customer service is great.
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  • Battery consumption is so fast making it awkward to use.


What customers have to say about GolfLogix from Garmin?

According to D. Phelps, the GolfLogix from Garmin is highly recommended for the reason that this product is dependable in terms of yardage calculations plus this product is affordable compared to other similar products. This device is easy to use thus utilization is by far excellent.

Based on the experience of Rick, this product called GolfLogix from Garmin is a superior product. You can have better yardage results thus replacing the batteries are easier. Along with it, the downloading process is quick and dependable. He even rated the GolfLogix by Garmin with 5 stars for excellence.

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