What is a golf GPS with slope?

A golf GPS with slope gives the exact pin distance, even in an uphill or downhill slope. It calculates and adjusts swing yardage depending on the degree of the slope. It does not only calculate distances but also computes how far a shot is playing relative to the lay of the course ground.

What are the advantages of a golf GPS with slope?

A golf GPS using slope features a built-in inclinometer that provides a compensated distance based on the degree of incline or decline of the ground. It adjusts the yardage reading for the angle and distance when aiming at an uphill or downhill target.

A golf GPS with slope is an extremely useful practice device for learning how much the uphill or downhill slope between the golfer and the target affects the distance a ball travels. It can however be used only during practice as devices with slope adjustments, as well as temperature and altitude adjustments are not usable in tournaments.

Two Golf GPS with slope available on the market

1. Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Editiongolf gps with slope

The Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition is golf GPS which gives slope that determines the elevation change degree and makes a distance adjustment to provide a compensated range, using a digital inclinometer. It tells exactly how far to play, eliminating the question of the range at the top of the swing.

2. Leupold GX4Leupold GX4

The Leupold GX4 is golf GPS which gives slope that has a removable attachment for slope calculation into its distance measurement. It gives a better picture of which club will exactly get to the green even when 20 feet above the hole. Its other features include Club Selector as well as Temperature and Altitude Input.

Which Golf GPS with slope to Go For? And Why?

The Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition is the more popular golf GPS using slope between these two devices. Probably adding to its popularity is its relatively cheaper price for the features it provides. It also has a slightly higher rating based on customer reviews. Our recommendation for the golf GPS with slope is the Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition.

Our Pick :  Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition

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