What is a Golf GPS with no membership?

A Golf GPS with no membership is a golf GPS unit where its GPS manufacturer provides downloading of new and updated golf course maps for free. Some golf GPS units that offer basic and pro mode for their golf course maps offer free map downloads in basic mode while requiring a fee for map downloads in pro mode.

What are the features of a Golf GPS with no membership?

A Golf GPS with no membership come with pre-loaded golf course maps, the number of which differs from one brand unit to another.  It also offers unlimited and free course map downloads for the duration of the life of the GPS unit. Some golf GPS devices even allow the golfer to map his own courses and greens.

While most golf GPS without membership allows the downloading and keeping of golf course maps in home computers, there are some golf GPS units that have membership fees which only allow downloading of course maps into the GPS units. This is because their course maps become unavailable to the golfer once he fails to renew his membership.

Two Golf GPS with no membership available on the marketgolf GPS with no membership

1.  GolfBuddy World GPS

The GolfBuddy World GPS is a golf GPS no membership device that has a 40,000 course map memory, pre-loaded global course maps and a lifetime of worldwide golf course map download without any subscription fee. It uses an easy push button mechanism for a quick navigation through its unit interface with an intuitive TFT touch screen.

2. Garmin Approach G5Garmin Approach G5

The Garmin Approach G5 is a golf GPS no membership unit that has an unlimited course map memory, pre-programmed U.S. and Canada course maps and available additional maps on its official website with no recurring fees. It has a 3″ touch screen display and a sturdy, entirely waterproof and durable construction.

Which Golf GPS with no membership To Go For? And Why?

Despite the Garmin Approach G5 enjoying an equal rating with the GolfBuddy World GPS from users that are almost 4 times in number, as a golf GPS with no membership, the GolfBuddy World GPS still has the edge over the Garmin Approach G5. This is primarily due to the GolfBuddy provision of worldwide maps while the Garmin G5 provides only U.S. and Canada maps. Our recommendation for the golf GPS with no membership has to be the GolfBuddy World GPS.

Our Pick : GolfBuddy World GPS

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