What is a Golf GPS with map?

A Golf GPS with map is a GPS device that serves as one of the finest instant golf game supercharger aids  with its provision of a vast array of pre-programmed maps. Additional maps are always available on the official golf GPS product website with no payment of any recurring fees.

What kind of maps can be added in a golf GPS with map?

The maps that you can use on the screen of your golf GPS with map must be vector-based maps, consisting of line and point data rather than scanned images.  The software program that you should use for contour line map construction must be capable of only line establishment with background exclusion.  These maps take less storage space to fit your GPS unit.

These vector maps can either be purchased or created. Assistance in this vector map creation is covered in a book entitled GPS Mapping : Make Your Own Maps. It provides step-by-step map creation instructions. The book includes 14 popular mapping program instructions, free map and aerial photo download tips and 3-D imaging technique usage.

Two Golf GPS with map devices available on the market

1. Garmin Approach G5golf gps with map

The Garmin Approach G5 is a golf GPS with a map that offers an easy-to-use touch display and menu system with custom distance touch target capabilities. However, the precise positioning of its touch target circle can prove difficult at times. It is a tough and waterproof unit that provides access to its free golf course database for map updates.  Its database lists U.S.A. and Canada courses only so far and does not cover all courses as yet.

2. Skycaddie SGX-WSkyCaddie SGX-W Golf GPS

The Skycaddie SGX-W is a golf GPS which has a map that purportedly offers more accuracy by doing ground mapping in their map provision. This involves the actual hiring people for target establishment by going personally to every golf course. For this facility, it charges an annual fee. However, their map downloading system is more complicated to use than its competitors.

Which Golf GPS with map to go for? And why?

Although the Skycaddie SGX-W may offer more map accuracy in their ground mapping technique, the complication that results in its map downloading is a hassle for golfers. To top it all, there is an annual fee attached to the additional accuracy it provides. The Garmin Approach G5 may have limited courses in their database, but access to these courses is free and easy to download. There seems to be no competition as to which of the two golf GPS with map is the better alternative. Our choice is definitely the Garmin Approach G5.

Our Pick : Garmin Approach G5

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