What is a Golf GPS with Laser?

A golf GPS with laser is an optical device that allows the selecting and locking onto a target whose distance measurement you are interested in. It  then shoots an eye safe laser at the target, measuring the time from the laser release to the target bounce off of the laser, to its return to the rangefinder. It then accurately calculates the target distance from the time delay.

What to look for in a Golf GPS with Laser

A good golf GPS with laser must have a maximum range of at least 500 to 700 yards. Maximum range is the distance whereby the golf GPS can accomplish a reflective object detection. It must have at least a 6x magnification, for laser guidance in accurate yardage measurement acquisition to the target and landing area location.

A golf GPS with laser must have a high quality scope, made of high quality glass. It must also be small and light and can be placed in the shirt pocket or in the golf bag. It can provide accurate distance measurements even when on a slope or on uneven ground. It can be used to see how far each club is hit on the practice range.

Two excellent Golf GPS with laser available on the market

1. Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser RangefinderBushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V2 provides slope-adjusted distances. It is accurate in pin targeting and offers fast reading return in distance acquisition in the 200 yard range and up. It has a 5x magnification. It does not require a steady hold to get accurate readings. Its pin locating and scanning features are activated by mode selection.


2. Callaway LR550 RangefinderCallaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon

The Callaway LR550 does not have a slope mode.  It has a 6x magnification, making for an easy flag capture for distance nailing. Its pin locating and scanning features are automatically enabled.

Which Golf GPS with laser To Go For?  And Why?

Both golf GPS with laser units have received excellent user ratings and good reviews, and are similar devices with similar features. However, the Bushnell Tour V2 offers slope-adjusted distance measurements.  It does not require a steady hand for accurate yardage readings. The Bushnell Tour V2 is the better golf GPS with laser unit.

Our Pick : Bushnell Tour V2

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