What is a Golf GPS with free courses?

A golf GPS with free courses is a golf GPS with thousands of preloaded golf courses from the U.S.A. and Canada  or around the world that does not solicit any annual or activation fee. The periodic addition of more courses to map data or the update and improvement of existing course maps are also available for free.

How to download courses for a golf GPS with free courses

1. Download and install the database program from the website of the golf GPS with free courses. The initial registration of new users is a requirement.

2. Connect your computer to the golf GPS unit via its provided USB cable.

3. Enter your assigned user id and password to enter the golf GPS with free courses database.

4. The automatic upgrade of the unit firmware is performed each time you log on to the program.

5. Clicking on the Course Download button will display a list of available golf courses by country. A country tagged as installed means that all courses in that country are existing in your unit while a country tagged as need to update means that there are updated courses in that country that you need to download to your unit.

6. After the course download and your unit update, you can disconnect and reboot your unit.


Two available Golf GPS with free courses on the market


1. GolfBuddy World GPSgolf GPS with free courses


The GolfBuddy World GPS is a terrific GPS performer that is easy to use and has a color touch screen. It comes with thousands of preloaded golf courses with no annual, set-up and download fees. It uses batteries that are easily replaced, inexpensive and rechargeable.


2. Garmin Approach G5Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen Golf GPS (Old Version)


The Garmin Approach G5 is an easy to use, ruggedized and waterproof GPS unit with a touch screen that is bright sunlight viewable. It comes preloaded with about 8,000 golf courses. It also features an electronic score card. It is an expensive device with no rechargeable batteries and no battery meter.


Which Golf GPS with free courses to go for? And why?

While both units of golf GPS with free courses are easy to use performers that offer touch screen displays and preloaded golf courses, the GolfBuddy World GPS has the advantage of offering course data for countries all over the world while the Garmin Approach G5 offers only U.S.A. and Canada course data. It is also a little bit less expensive and comes with rechargeable batteries as well. Our pick for the golf GPS with free courses has to be the GolfBuddy World GPS.

Our Pick : GolfBuddy World GPS

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