What is a golf GPS with courses?

A golf GPS with courses is a golf GPS unit that comes packed with thousands of preloaded golf course maps in the U.S.A. and Canada as well as in other countries around the world. It displays and updates your exact golf course position on these detailed course map display.

What are the features of a golf GPS with courses?

A golf GPS that have courses include locations of fairways, hazards and greens in its preloaded golf course maps as well as the download of the latest golf course map updates for free or for a specified subscription fee.

A golf GPS with courses acquires satellite signals quickly and displays a list of nearby golf courses to where the unit is currently situated. Upon course selection, it immediately displays three distances to each hole in the course, that is, the front, middle and back of the green, which are automatically updated and adjusted depending on the hole approach angle.

Two Golf GPS with courses available on the market

1.  GolfBuddy World GPSgolf gps with courses

The GolfBuddy World GPS is a golf GPS which include courses with a 40,000 golf course storage capacity for golf courses from across the world. It comes preloaded with course maps without the necessity of fees or subscription for their subsequent update. Its worldwide course library features a professionally verified accuracy when it comes to map details.

2.  Garmin Approach G5Garmin Approach G5

The Garmin Approach G5 is a golf GPS which include courses with over 18,000 pre-loaded U.S. and Canadian course maps. Downloading of new courses comes for free with software updates released regularly. Addition of new courses can be suggested by users, so not finding a course in the database merely entails a GPS manufacturer notification.

Which Golf GPS with courses To Go For? And Why?

With a rating that is half a point higher and an offering of worldwide maps, the GolfBuddy World GPS appears to be the better golf GPS with courses between these two models. Our recommendation for the golf GPS that have courses has to be the GolfBuddy World GPS.

Our Pick : GolfBuddy World GPS

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