What is a golf GPS for beginners?

golf GPS for beginners is the cheapest golf GPS unit on the market that utilizes full colour course maps with point to point technology that is an ideal entry level GPS unit for novice golfers who play a select few courses.

Features of a golf GPS for beginners

golf GPS for beginners should be able to assist a novice golfer that is in good physical condition with some natural golf ability and a willingness to apply himself to be able to shoot a score below 100 within a few weeks. 45% of all golfers average more than 100 strokes per round so shooting a score of 108 or 2 over par per hole could be considered a good score for a beginner.

A  golf GPS for a beginner should be able to help a novice player in his effort to keep his average score per round to steadily go down. The reasonable goal for many beginners is to shoot even 5s on the course, shoot around 90 for a round or 1 over par on each hole.

Two golf GPS for beginners available on the marketgolf GPS for beginners

1. Garmin Approach S1W

The Garmin Approach S1W is a best golf GPS for dummies as it measures individual shot distances, track how far the novice player has walk on the course and uses an alarm to get the beginner get up in the morning ready for his tee time. It comes preloaded with almost 5,000 European courses without need for subscriptions, downloads or additional set up.

2.  Garmin Approach G6Garmin Approach G6

The Garmin Approach G6 is a best golf GPS for dummies as it is a straightforward and intuitive GPS for golf. It matches to the capabilities of other leading golf GPS on the market. It is one of the numerous resources that can play a part in the quest of a novice player to play his best golf by having him possess the appropriate info at each point on the golf hole.

Which golf GPS for beginners To Go For? And Why?

One of the features of the best golf GPS for dummies is a cheap price so the Garmin Approach S1W fits the bill perfectly with its almost $90 lower cost compared to the Garmin Approach G6. A second feature is having the ability to assist a novice player in his score lowering and given the high 4 ½ consumer rating that the Garmin Approach S1W shares with the Garmin Approach G6, it seems to be the perfect golf GPS for dummies. Our choice for the golf GPS for beginners is the Garmin Approach S1W.

Our Pick : Garmin Approach S1W

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