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Golf Buddy TourThe Golf Buddy Tour GPS Rangefinder is one of the top picks for golfers who aren’t computer savvy, clearly putting a premium on keeping its use extremely simple.

Its user interface is remarkably intuitive, keeping the way different features are accessed just how a player would think he would access them.

There are no additional fees associated with accessing golf courses on the Golf Buddy Tour, with its extremely strong course coverage, an added bonus.

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The Golf Buddy Tour is a device to consider given its reasonable cost coupled with its solid ease of use.

It winds up being less expensive than a number of its competitors, with no additional annual fees or course download fees.

Most golfers will find the Golf Buddy Tour among the finalists in their purchasing decision, despite its lack of nifty features available in other premium priced golf GPS devices.


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Golf Buddy Tour Features:

  • perfect set-up involving opening the box, removing device and power cable, charging for 3 hours and heading to the course
  • external LED prompts when charging is complete
  • no required software installation
  • pre-installed courses
  • impressive course coverage
  • automated processes and intuitive controls make it simple and easy to use
  • screen view navigation is a breeze
  • excels in ease of adding marked points, e.g., hazards, lay-up distances while on course
  • average feature provision
  • accuracy to specific hazards within 4 yards
  •  box includes belt clip, USB cable, wall charger and user manual

Golf Buddy Tour Features

Golf Buddy Tour Pros & Cons:



  • not as feature rich as other devices in its price range
  • variable consistency among courses on amount of detail provided
  • observed mapping inaccuracies to lay-up points
  • a bit protruding joystick, prone to accidental toggling when inside a pocket
  • no Mac support


What People Say about the Golf Buddy Tour:

Golf Buddy Tour Pros & Cons“Great addition to my golf gear. Works pretty much straight out of the box, pretty intuative and great fun to use. I’m in New Zealand so was a bit nervous purchasing a Northern Hemisphere machine but absolutely no problems getting it going and it found satilites down here no problem and loaded all the courses in NZ instantly. Works perfectly on my home course and so now all I have to do is improve my scoring with the accurate information I now have on each shot!!!” – Andrew Donald


“This GPS does everything I need on the golf course. Great value . It has allowed me to dial in my clubs from 110 yds in . Now carry an extra wedge & took out my 3 iron. Great to determine the hazard distances.” – Brian Taylor


“Not only do golf courses come preloaded, but they can be updated from time-to-time as necessary at no charge. The range finder also can be used to keep score for up to 4 players and can be used to preview courses that you intend to play at a later time. The only negative to me is that it uses 2 AA batteries, so rechargeable NiMH batteries are the way to go.” – E. N. Randall




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