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The latest Garmin-branded golf GPS device is the Garmin G3 Approach that delivers everything you needed even if you are novice or professional golfer.

It is predecessor is the Garmin Approach G5 device but it is way much smaller in package and comes with a lower price.

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Definitely a breathtaking gadget that simply fits on your palm, Garmin G3 Approach review will give you the details.

The Garmin G3 product is a dependable and a solid unit in case you slip the gadget into your pocket. Despite of its small size, G3 Approach from Garmin is still heavy at its 5.35 ounces weight. Though it inherent a problem with the touchscreens, it is difficult to pinpoint accurately your desired targets when you have big fingers.

However the Garmin G3 Approach touchscreen makes navigation among it′s different features intuitive and simple. The use of vivid illustrations of different holes is starting to be in demand plus these are much brighter compared to photographs and can be viewed in different light conditions. An additional feature of Gamin G3 is that it doesn’t require set-up time because all courses are pre-loaded.

The Garmin G3 Approach features a waterproof touchscreen, 2.6” sunlight readable display, easy operating touchscreen display and maintains four players score. It has preloaded detailed CourseView maps with 12,000 golf courses database in Canada and U.S. Garmin is constantly adding new maps to its CourseView with no subscription charges. The Garmin G3 detailed maps provide pro golfers with accurate distance details about hazards, fairways and greens in any point. The unit continuously keeps on updating golfer’s position and shows the distance of every target.

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Garmin G3 Approach Product Features:


  • It has waterproof screen display
  • It has 2.6” sunlight readable touchscreen feature
  • It has preloaded golf courses maps in Canada and the U.S. that includes hazards, fairways and greens
  • It has no subscriptions or yearly fees
  • It has touch targeting
  • It has manual pin-positioning
  • It has the ability to estimate shot distance
  • Its digital scorecard can fill up to four players
  • It has 15 hour battery life
  • It has high sensitivity GPS receiver
  • It weighs: 5.25 oz if has with batteries
  • It conforms USGA or R&A rules


Garmin G3 Approach Pros and Cons:




  • The pre-marked points aren’t viewable when touched or navigated
  • It has short battery-life


What customers have to say about the Garmin G3 Approach?


According to Surebat

Garmin G3 Approach does the job!

The little Garmin G3 Approach does everything a person needs to help get the ball on the green. Touch screen controls everything except power on/off and memory reset. The Display is easy to see except for the so called flash screen start-up. He rated the product 5 stars!


According to OldDriverDawg

Garmin G3 Approach is a great toy!

It has great features, good quality and easy to us! It has good value and durable if ever you slipped it on your hand.


According to Dannop

Garmin G3 Approach was very easy to use and really worked definitely fine for 4 rounds. It has undeniable features. It really works well. He gave the product 3 stars for it!


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