Garmin Approach G8


Garmin Approach G8 is the new top-of-the-line golf course GPS from Garmin, retaining the sleek design of the Garmin Approach G6, providing distances to front/center/back and doglegs, pinpointing any course target via its bright 3” 240 x 400 pixel touchscreen and displaying lay-up arcs at 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards.

Garmin Approach G8

Its most noticeable new feature is the addition of slope-adjusted distances.

The Garmin Approach G8 also offers club recommendations, big numbers mode and email, text and call alert receipts via an iPhone 4S or later.

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Garmin Approach G8 FeaturesThe distinctive features of the Garmin Approach G8, not found in its siblings, are the ability to point to the center of the green in cases of blind shots and the ability to download course updates via Wi-Fi.

Another new feature to the Golf Course GPS is an online portal for score uploading and track progress over time.

The Garmin Approach G8 is ideal for golfers often stuck behind trees with blind shots, like the idea of a bigger screen and in search of Wi-Fi ease in course updating.


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Garmin Approach G8 Features:

  • fairway hit, GIR and putt tracking
  • multiple scoring option up to 4 players
  • Touch function for distance measurement to any map point
  • GreenView function for flag movement within the green to place it in position
  • PlaysLike function for distance calculation adjusted to the fairway slope onto the green
  • PinPointer function for shot direction from a lie when flag location is out of sight
  • useful History mode
  • estimated 15-hour battery life

Garmin Approach G8 Pros & Cons

Garmin Approach G8 Pros & Cons:





  • illegal for tournament play  as it runs afoul of Rule 14-3


What People Say about the Garmin Approach G8:

“Very accurate, charged overnight and played the next day without the instruction guide. Play with it and my Gimme and they are within a couple of yards of each other. Works great tracking your club distances and easy to touch screen with tee or pencil to get distance to the dog legs so you can plan your shots.” – Dellas Norgon

What People Say About Garmin Approach G8

“Great little device! Color screen is easy to see in the sunlight. Fits right in the cup holder of the golf cart so whoever I’m playing with also has easy acces to it. The rechargeable battery is great, no need to keep feeding it expensive AA batteries. A new favorite in my golf group!!” – Jason w

What People Say About Garmin Approach G8 2“Wow now play 4 rounds with the unit. First summer I play golf in the last 8 years . Kids well you know. My son 11 and daughter 9 play 17 nine hole rounds. Lots of fun.

The Garmin so nice my wife getting one.
I may not all ways land on the greens. But I’m pin high. I aways shot 90 to 94. With the gps just shot 79. Never fall short or over hit the green.
It may cost like a new driver. A new club not going to knock off 11 strokes.
If your hitting down hill. Yards 129 garmin tell you plays like 115 yds. Use sand wedge.
Wow pin high.
You need go to driving range hit 5 balls with each club. Log it in.
Best thing in my bag.
Ps I’m still using ping eye 2. bought in 94.” – Maxwell




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