Never has it been a much better time to consider the wonderful sport of golf. The studies and insight that is currently available is gradually altering the way you play this spectacular game. Using the current speed where we could take photographs nowadays, we could have a look in the exact form and position of top golf gamers’ actions following their swing and follow-through.

This really is exciting news since you can now capture every motion to be able to fully dissect an ideal swing. All these information are becoming available that is known as modern swing action. Golf swing techniques printed on the book is becoming obsolete, information on the internet are much more updated. However, you still have to check if the information on the internet is really reliable.

It starts with a grip. Traditional grips have already changed. The following are the most seen grips in playing golf:

  • Traditional Putting Grips – This is the most widely used kind of grip. Well-known players use various styles of grips. Tiger Woods have different famous grip compare to that of Corey Pavin.
  • Claw Putting Grip – The putter is gripped in a traditional approach where the right handed golfer uses his left hand to grip and at the same time, right hand grips the lower part of the putter handle with the use of thumb and fingers. The claw grip is advantageous since it can stabilize the left wrist easier.
  • Even Hand Grip – it uses the left and right hands placed in the position of a normal grip of the putter. This grip is much easier to execute when an oversized grasp is used on the putter to maximize the space needed for both fingers and hands. This type of grip neutralizes control of either hand supporting a steady stroke.

Surely, playing golf every single day will significantly makes a person more and more skilled. However, this is not the case. Generally, golf is played only as a past time for career people. Thus, weekends or vacations will be the best times to play golf.

Make an effort to understand more about newer and more effective techniques. Who knows how advantageous it might be for your game. Some people have been very persistent but everybody requires a change eventually. Learning and enhancing upon your swing technique may prevent back pains instead of that old ways.

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