Simmons Laser RangefinderSimmons Laser Rangefinder


The Simmons Laser Rangefinder is the hair splitting golf rangefinder that has made accuracy a lot simpler to players.

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The LCD with in-view display of Simmons Laser Rangefinder provides precise estimation of the distance towards the target coming from 10 towards 600 yards using the tap of a button feature.

On the other hand, the 4x magnification as well as the crystal clear and bright optics of this unit bring close competition for the next trophy.

ThisLaser Rangefinder is efficient and has the solid vertical design for effective usage of this unit. This product features the weather resistant built that can provide players unparalleled advantage during the game as well as this is easy to bring while on the field. Playing with the latest Simmons Rangefinder can make your goal on the way because it gives better measurements of the greens as well as the hazards.

This Simmons Laser Rangefinder features the reliable in-view LCD that displays exact distances on the course. The 4x magnification of this rangefinder allows viewing of distances clearer and faster. It has crystal-clear and bright optics even if there is fog scattered in the field.

The efficient and solid vertical design of this laser rangefinder makes your grip firmer t avoid slipping. The housing of Simmons Rangefinder is weather-resistant so that you can use this unit even during wet days. Most golfers have shared their stories that this gadget is one of the best because of its specifications.

You can calculate up to 600 yards using the four times magnifications at +/- 1 per yard. This Simmons Laser Rangefinder is very light because it only weighs 9.8 ounces. It has a carrying case so that you won’t have to forget or misplaced it while you play.

The high end Simmons Laser Rangefinder is recalibrated so that every shot is accurate and for your utmost advantage. It features the reliable LCD that gives golfers exact distances towards the target from 5 to 600 yards using the single tap button. The chances of getting the top ranked place on the competition are assured by the newest Simmons Laser Rangefinder.

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Simmons Laser Rangefinder Product Features:

  • This product has the LCD display with in-view features to provide golfers exact calculations of their distance to the target 10 – 600 yards.
  • This Simmons Laser Rangefinder has the magnification of four times.
  • The optics of Simmons Laser Rangefinder is bright and crystal clear.
  • The vertical design is compact and efficient.
  • The range of its magnification is 4x.
  • It features optical magnification of four times.
  • The Simmons Laser Rangefinder has the capacity of 5 to 600 yards and +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • The in-view Liquid Crystal exhibit allows you to see your target from a far.
  • This gadget can be operated with easy one button procedure.
  • It has vertical configuration for better ranging of the course.


Simmons Laser Rangefinder Pros and Cons:

  • This unit has the 5 to 600 yards capacity for extra view of a wider field.
  • The Simmons Laser Rangefinder is lightweight so that you can carry it on the course without any effort.
  • The magnifications are awesome and reliable along with the operation system.
  • This is easy to operate and the display is clear enough even in cloudy days.
  • The price is affordable for a new laser rangefinder.
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  • The battery is not included in the package giving customers the hard time to look for a suitable battery.


What customers have to say about the Simmons Laser Rangefinder?

Based on the experience of Davem4343, the price of the Simmons Laser Rangefinder is excellent for a new laser rangefinder. This unit is highly appreciated because you can depend on the accuracy and the weight is amazing. This gadget is indeed a must have for a helpful tool.

According to Bigfoot, the Simmons Laser Rangefinder has great value because it can give you exact measurements of the yards. This tool makes calculations better and faster. The Simmons Laser Rangefinder is highly recommended product for golfers.