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Garmin Approach S4


Garmin Approach S4The Garmin Approach S4 is for the golfers looking to be on the cutting edge of technology with all the goodies, i.e., a touch screen, iPhone Bluetooth connectivity and score tracking.

It offers exceptional ease of use that allows taking it out of the box and straight onto the first tee. After opening the box and charging the unit, 90% of its features are usable on the course without needing to read the manual.

The Garmin Approach S4 offers distances to the front/middle/back of greens along with layup and doglegs. It allows input of custom points for bunker or water hazard inclusions.

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The touch screen of the Garmin Approach S4 can be utilized for more accurate placement of the flagstick or determination of distances to contours, when shooting for the green.

It can measure shot distances, track scores and statistics, reviewable on the watch after a round. However, it does not provide an online portal to save and track the information over time.

Still, the Garmin Approach S4 is hands down, the unit for anybody wanting the best technology available.


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Garmin Approach S4 Features:

  • 1” across, with a 128 x 128 pixel resolution
  • comes with over 30,000 pre-loaded worldwide courses
  • keeps up with both new course and existing course changes via free lifetime updates
  • dedicated green view button
  • additional statistics tracking, i.e., fairways hit/left/right
  • ability to receive email, texts and alerts, when paired with a compatible Apple iPhone
  • waterproof to 10 meters
  • improved battery life, lasting up to 10 hours in GPS mode

Garmin Approach S4 Features

Garmin Approach S4 Pros & Cons:



  • offers everything that can reasonably be expected or wanted from a GPS watch
  • incredibly simple to use
  • provides useful, simple to navigate features
  • levers technology to the fullest
  • offers Bluetooth connectivity for texts, call alerts and emails
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  • requires a firm touch for its touch screen
  • easily soiling white wrist band
  • no pre-loaded hazards


What People Say about the Garmin Approach S4:

“I love this GPS Device. It works smoothly, it accurate and easy to use. I don’t even notice it’s on my wrist. So fast to just look down on my wrist and see the distance. Also less time reading distances for playing partners that do not have GPS. Give me more time to think about strategy and the type of shot I want to make.” – Richard Goldstein


What People Say About Garmin Approach S4“I’m a 12 handicap player that unfortunately only plays once or twice a week.. Was looking for the “best” product to help make distance easy, and accurate. Originally looked at laser devices and was one click away when I decided GPS would maybe be a better fit for me, as I have a hard time holding my friends still, and sometimes would shoot the wrong thing giving me a bogus distance. Long story short, I still didn’t like the idea of needing to bring something out of my bag, cart or have in my pocket and gave this S a chance.. This thing is the best purchase I have EVER made for golf.. Hands down, the easiest, most accurate device you can imagine.. It is instant.. And dead on.. Just went on a golf trip playing several different courses for the first time and this helped me tremendously. All my other buddies have the laser or GPS wouldn’t even go to their bag anymore. They were constantly asking me.. No problem, I just turned my wrist over and it was there.. It’s without a doubt a MUST by for any avid golfer.. Can’t speak highly enough about it.. Now you may want to purchase the cheaper version without all the bells and whistles and I’m sure it would be just fine. I used the email and text function just to see that it worked, but didn’t want that to always be coming across while I’m playing.. I did however use it for the drive home. Pretty cool really.. Anyway, don’t read another review.. If you can afford this watch. Buy it! If you can’t and just need basic distance, buy one of the cheaper versions.. But if you do buy this, you will be very pleased.. I don’t normally review things, but want to let the world know how great this is.. By the way, we played 36 holes per day and I had it running 100 percent of the time.. No screen saver.. Never a problem with battery. Checked out the distance from plates on course and friends laser and it was spot on.. I mean dead on.. No problems, no worries, easy out of the box … It works.. Buy it.” – Bryson Wilson


“You arive at the course, turn to the GPS feature on, confirm you are at the course it thinks you are at, Hit Start Round and that’s it!!! You basically do not have to do anything else the rest of the round. (If you choose to keep score on it you can but I rarely use that feature). It updates yardages as you go so, you walk up to your ball, look at your wrist like looking at the time, and you have your yardage, simple as that, no taking out of the, no urn lipping it from your belt, no trying to laz the flag…just look at your wrist and you have your yardage(Front, Back and Center). A few more points, it is very lite on your wrist, at first I was worried it would bug me (I do not wear a watch) but by time you leave the range warming up you do not even know you have it on. The “Green View” I seldom use, Front, Back and Center are close enough for me. The “Layup Feature” I also rarely use, most of the time it is just doing the math for you to the 150′, and 100′ markers, occasionally it will have a layup to the dogleg or water hazard if the course has it programmed in. In closing I bought the Touch Screen S4 but so far I think I could of just as easily gone with the S2 because I do not use a lot of the additional features of the S4 but it was on sale and I may in n the furture use some of them. In closing, I think the best endorsement for this product is 2 of the guys I play golf with have already gone out and bought 1 of these for themselves. After you see it in action it sells itself. Oh, there is one thing you do give up from other GPSs (I mostly used Goff Logic iPhone App (Subsrciption) and a couple of other stand alone GPSs, and this is true for Laser units. You give the ability to know distances to course feature/objects (sand traps, the big tree on the right or carry distance over the water) so,it still isn’t the PERFECT yardage solution (say having Fluff, Bones or J Ted on your bag) but it is cheaper and the easies yardage solution I have found so far…..hope you other golfers find this helpful.” – Robert Schroeder




Garmin Approach G6Garmin Approach G6


In the world of golf, the new Garmin Approach G6 gives innovation the true meaning of this game.

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The design and software advancements that are packed in the Garmin Approach G6 are created to hold the game to in utmost level.

Using the 25,000 and more preloaded courses worldwide without fees or subscriptions as well as the internal battery that is rechargeable, the Garmin Approach G6 is regarded as the ultimate golf instrument for novice and professional player.

You can bring the game of golf to an innovative field with the use of Garmin Approach G6. The latest Garmin Approach G6 is the high end handheld Golf Course rangefinder with touchscreen feature along with the software that as 25,000 plus preloaded courses worldwide. This rangefinder also sports the Green View as well as the included rechargeable battery.

Garmin Approach G6 is without a doubt the best rangefinder for golfers. This unit is created in a perfect size as well as introduces the sleeker, slimmer design so that golfer can have better playing ability. Featuring the hand friendly and colorful touchscreen, the Garmin Approach Model G6 added 2 more buttons for on the spot access to the Green View, the Shot Measure as well as the Digital Scorecard.

This unit is robust and waterproof plus it is tough enough so that it can withstand pressure during the game. You can have more courses because the Garmin Approach G6 changed the rules in providing golf courses. This is because the new rangefinder from Garmin has more than 25,000 courses that are preloaded with no subscriptions or extra fees.

The latest unit from Garmin is powered enough so that you can play long hours in the field. The battry of Garmin Approach Model G6 can last for 15 hours which means that you can enjoy the entire weekend without worrying to recharge your battery.  Aside from this, this unit also doubled the scorecard for further scoring options.

You can see your target in a more colourful and vibrant arcs at yardages of 100, 150, 200 or 250 so that you may know exactly how far you are in the target. The touch targeting allows players to touch whatever points there is in the readable display even under the sunlight.  The Garmin Approach G6 shoes you precise calculations of your distance as well as hazards, fairway, landing area or even the parts of the green.

Garmin Approach Model G6 has the improved tracking of the stat which will keep you on track as well as it can regulate the green per round. You can also print the stats on your personal computer.  This model can give you the edge in calculating the yardage with accuracy.

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Garmin Approach G6 Product Features:

  • This Garmin Approach G6 has the dual orientation color touchscreen in 5.0 inches.
  • This unit has the multiple touch screen display along with the zoom pinch.
  • This has the powered battery that can last up to 15 hours in just one charging.
  • This includes the terrain view and the 3D landmarks.
  • It has the junction of a Bird’s Eye view.
  • The Garmin Approach G6 is robust and has sleeker and slimmer design.


Garmin Approach G6 Pros and Cons:


  • The new Garmin Approach G6 is sleeker and slimmer to fit your hands.
  • This unit has the patented technology from Garmin.
  • The touchscreen features allows you to scan the range without the hassle of keypads.
  • It has more than 25,000 preloaded golf courses around making it an edge towards other golfers in the field.
  • The battery can last up to 15 hours allowing you to play golf without recharging your unit.
  • It has the state of the art technology for beginners or professional golfers.
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  • There are golfers who have purchased this product and saying that the unit slips in your palm because of the fine finish.


What customers have to say about the Garmin Approach G6?

Based on the experience of D. Weingard, the new Approach G6 is a good unit especially for starter. This is slim and lightweight. It can calculate distances as well as hazards in an instant. This is why it is one of the in demand rangefinder in the market.

According to GC, this Garmin Approach G6 is a great GPS that features stunning look and high end technology. Using this unit can allow you to work on the courses with confidence. The Garmin Approach G6 is a must have rangefinder based on the reliable features.

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Garmin Approach S3Garmin Approach S3


The Garmin Approach S3 is the touch screen GPS golf timepiece that gives simple, instant and precise calculations of the course.

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The Garmin Approach Model  S3 is a waterproof and rugged golf watch that is considered another standard for GPS improvement within the market of GPS golf rangefinders.

Because this is unit is packed with more than 27,000 worldwide golf courses without any subscriptions or charges, Garmin Approach S3 displays the yardages to any point in the greens.

The Garmin Approach S3 introduces the high-resolution and glove-friendly touch screen display; the Green View together with the manual positioning of the pin; the distances towards layups and doglegs; customizable points of yardage and the digital scorecards intended for Stableford and Stroke play that are printable. The pin of the Garmin Approach  Model S3 can be move easily and the touch screen mode is a plus factor. Green View of this unit shows golfer the real layout and shape of the greens.

You can use the unit’s touch screen to move any of the pin manually in any location of the day. This Garmin Approach Model S3 is very helpful on the par-3 where golfers can dial the distance needed and then fire away using lots of confidence. There are preloaded courses that you can play instantly for free.

The Garmin Approach S3 has the same size as the normal sports watch and comfortable to use because it is packed with more than 27,000 preloaded worldwide courses. These courses have no extra fees or required subscriptions. If you needed more courses because you have released the previous courses, you can download them immediately and without any cost.

Garmin Approach S3 gives distances anywhere at the greens that can be customized. These can be seen on the doglegs. You can encode and save any yardage points such as bunkers or water hazards from whatever points there is in the course.

Garmin Approach S3 introduces digital scorecard selections intended for single players. The options for scoring include the Stableford and Stroke play as well as you can also save, review or print your scorecards direct from your personal computer. In addition, you can see how far you’ve went when you hit big because of the feature called measure shot.

You can choose from any of the two colors according to your style. The Garmin Approach S3 is offered in 2 vivid color combinations such as white with the red trim or black with the gray trim. This unit can be worn everyday because it has features of a normal wrist watch.

The Garmin Approach S3 functions similar to everyday watches plus it includes odometer so that you can check the distance travelled every day, or each round you have played. It has built-in round timer so that you can save and remember how long you have played in 18. You can say goodbye to fees and subscriptions because this unit has preloaded golf courses of more than 27, 000 along with the rechargeable battery.

The course management of the Garmin Approach S3 is the key especially if a golfer is a novice. The layup distances show the distances needed by a golfer along with the yardages towards the doglegs as well as other hazards found on the golf course. This unit can give you accurate calculations of the yardages found in the golf course.

The numbering is easy to read plus instant measurement of the yardages can be calculated. You can point your wrist anywhere in the course and you are now set to hit that field. Garmin Approach S3 measure shot distances with precise and accurate manner.

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Garmin Approach S3 Product Features:

  • The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf timepiece is loaded with more than 27000 golf courses worldwide.
  • It includes the lifetime golf course updates without any charge.
  • It has touch screen display that is of high resolution and glove-friendly.
  • Using the green view of the unit, you can see the layout as well as the shape of any courses as well as you can shift the pin in any location of the day.
  • The weight is similar to ordinary watches.
  • The price of Garmin Approach S3 is affordable compared to other GPS golf rangefinder.


Garmin Approach S3 Pros and Cons:


  • The new Garmin Approach S3 is handy because it weighs just like your normal watch.
  • This unit can measure the distances of the golfer to any point in the course with accuracy.
  • The screen display is clear enough for you to see the numbers and measurements.
  • You can use this rangefinder in any weather condition because of the waterproof built.
  • This rangefinder is rugged enough that can stand test of time.
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  • Some customers have complains about the life of the battery that last only few hours.


What customers have to say about the Garmin Approach S3?

Based on the experience of Frank Webster, this unit works great for 4 courses and made a good return. The feedback is great plus the calculations are precise. This is must have GPS golf rangefinder.

According to Golf Geeks, the Garmin Approach S3 is the new rangefinder that can give you the requirements for a GPS golf rangefinder. This is easy to use as well. The Garmin Approach S3 is a highly recommended product.

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GolfLogix by GarminGolfLogix by Garmin


It is very advantage in playing the golf course using GolfLogix by Garmin GPS mapping so that you can know the distances from t center, front and back of green and also the hazards.

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And also you can calculate and displays distances using this device because this Golflogix by Garmin you can recognizes of what is automatically played.

It is very precise and durable using GolfLogix GPS-8 handled unit plus it’s very high sensitive to handled GolfLogix by Garmin. Because of 12- channel GPS which guarantee excellent accuracy as well as quicker time of acquisition.  The weight is 5.3 ounces and measuring 1.2 in. thin and nicely and compact. When submerged in water, it is 100 percent water proof and also outdoor use.

The large screen LCD of GolfLogix by Garmin has 64×128 pixels resolution. Golflogix from Garmin has a good features and amazing visibility even under direct sunlight and finally you can adjust them contrast and the backlight screen setting for the dark plying conditions. If you are on the location, you will see the green, the hazards and the distances on the screen of Golflogix by Garmin and it comes in huge visible numbers.

The device is so compact and it looks attractive on its sleek black screen. It automatically advances to all targets in the golf course. There is no need to push any buttons each in every round to point to the target.

Storing data on each hole is possible using GolfLogix by Garmin. Data includes: hazards, layups, front or center or back of the green, bunkers, water and carries. The GolfLogix by Garmin includes software which allows users to download bout 20 golf courses.

All you need to do is to download it from the database of Golflogix from 15,000 choices. This is compatible in any major OS such as 2000, Vista, XP and even Tiger or Leopard Mac OS. Downloading of your preferred golf course can be done for free. You also have the option to be a member so you can gain access to many courses in worldwide database for only low subscription fee annually.

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GolfLogix by Garmin Product Features:

  • This GolfLogix by Garmin for golf enthusiasts has user friendly features, it allow user to see key yardage course distances
  • The GolfLogix instantly calculates golf course distances may it be located on the front, center or back of the green, It can download 20 golf courses from the choices of 21,800.
  • LCD dimension of  GolfLogix by Garmin is 1.25×2.25 inches and the screen is visible even in direct sunlight. The device is shockproof and waterproof.
  • Operating system compatibility with Windows 200, Vista or XP, Mc OS and battery life extends up to 22 hours. The package of GolfLogix from Garmin includes AA batteries, USB-serial code, clip and bags.


Other features of this GolfLogix from Garmin include: last shot distance, displays in large numbers fit for impaired visions, name on screen can be personalized, anti theft, distances can be in yards and meters, bag clip and belt included on the package, USB drivers and runs on Golflogix Course Manager program with 1 year warranty.


GolfLogix by Garmin Pros and Cons:


  • GolfLogix from Garmin is more flexible to use because of its compact design, it is a hand held device for your golf game.
  • You will be provided with data accuracy.
  • When compared with other similar devices, this GolfLogix by Garmin does not need any point and aim process just to get direct line of sight.
  • This is convenient and easier to use.
  • The GolfLogix by Garmin is affordable and the customer service is great.
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  • Battery consumption is so fast making it awkward to use.


What customers have to say about GolfLogix from Garmin?

According to D. Phelps, the GolfLogix from Garmin is highly recommended for the reason that this product is dependable in terms of yardage calculations plus this product is affordable compared to other similar products. This device is easy to use thus utilization is by far excellent.

Based on the experience of Rick, this product called GolfLogix from Garmin is a superior product. You can have better yardage results thus replacing the batteries are easier. Along with it, the downloading process is quick and dependable. He even rated the GolfLogix by Garmin with 5 stars for excellence.

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