Expresso WR67

Expresso WR67The Expresso WR67 is a simple
GPS golf watch that packs a powerful punch, proving to be a pleasant and stylish surprise.

Also known as ESN, a.k.a. Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67, it brings all the regular features of a bulky golf GPS unit in wristwatch format.

Its large numbers, being big and easy to read, do not require reading glasses and it offers a push-button navigation simplicity that is easier to use than postage-stamp size touch screens.

The target info, i.e., hazard, bunker and carry distances, provided by the Expresso WR67 goes deeper than some handhelds, with front, middle and back readings on one screen.

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The Expresso WR67 is light and waterproof, with a scratch resistant true mineral crystal lens and possesses one of the best GPS systems on the market.

From its internal library of 25,000 courses, it automatically detects a course and tracks shot distances with a button click.

The Expresso WR67 offers great value with its provided GPS, with a 67 channel receiver, and shot tracking functions while serving as a cool watch when not on the golf course.


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Expresso WR67 Features:

  • face size is 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.6” and weight is 2.2 ounces
  • 1” screen with green front, middle and back settings for pin distance estimation
  • tee time alarm and auto off features separates it from the rest
  • odometer  for tracking how far has been gone since starting a round
  • 12 hour battery life in GPS mode
  • USB cable used for course update via MAC or PC and unit charging

Expresso WR67 Features

Expresso WR67 Pros & Cons:





  • cryptic hazard yardages due to lack of digit availability


What People Say about the Expresso WR67:

What People Say about Expresso WR67“I have had this watch for about 6 months now and have used it 15+ times. I’ve used it in multiple cities in both SC and TX, so far it has found every course that I have played. I find it to be extremely accurate. I check it frequently against course markings or another players device and always find the yardage to be with a couple of yards or less of there other devices.

It is very lightweight and i love the convenience of having it on my wrist vs. using an app on my phone. I think the battery life is very good.

I would buy again for myself or as a gift.” – Philip J. Hughston


“I spent a lot of time reviewing all of the golf GPS units and settled on the WR67 due to the quality and the fact that it is not a SkyGolf product (no more Skycaddies for me, another story). So far it has lived up to my expectations. It has never missed advancing to the next hole and is very fast and accurate. Regarding accuracy, it will lock on with as few as 3 to 5 sattelites but will eventually lock on to 10, 12 or more. The more sattelites it receives, the more accurate it is. I live on a golf course and regularly check the distance from a point in my driveway to the center of a nearby green. It has alwaws measured either 125 or 126 yards, very consistant. The stainless steel and mineral crystal along with the dual processor and 27 channel receiver sets it apart from the competition. I only wish it had provisions for keeping score and stats, the one thing I miss from my old SGX.” – Willie 300s


“I carefully checked all the reviews on the current crop of GPS watches, and the Expresso by far had the best features for the price. I see a lot of quibbling over the usefullness of the hazard information, which is silly. Most watches at this price don’t even have any information at all. Some complained that they had to advance the holes manually once in a while. All the watches have this issue. I compared the accuracy of the GPS to some of my friends with their Garmin and Bushnells, and they were all exactly the same. All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase so far.” – Bill