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Golf Buddy VS4

(4/5)Golf Buddy VS4 ModelsThe Golf Buddy VS4 Golf GPS is the latest audio DMD, an enhancement of the original Voice and Voice+ models and a versatile device, users can wear or use any way wished, attachable to a wristband or clip.

It features Dynamic Green View with green shape display, displays and speaks the distance to the front, center and back of the green.

The Golf Buddy VS4 boasts of 10 hours of rechargeable battery life, ideal for 18 or 36 holes, , available in white with gold trim or black with red trim, 2 fresh new color designs definitely a plus.

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The Golf Buddy VS4 is the most versatile GPS of its kind, given it can be used as a visual or audio aid and gives incredibly accurate front, middle and back yardages directly from the angle of approach rather than the fairway center.

It displays particularly large numbers pleasing to the eyes, as light as a golf GPS device can get.

The Golf Buddy VS4 offers superb value for money, the perfect stocking filler for any holiday.


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Golf Buddy VS4 Additional Features:Golf Buddy VS4 Features

  • brand new screen
  • bespoke designed wrist strap
  • hard clip-on case for easy attachment to belt, shirt pocket or cap
  • flip screen mode for turning display 180 degrees
  • loaded with 8 different languages
  • access to over 8,000 European and North African courses and over 37,000 global courses, straight out of the back
  • optional accessories

o   retractable cord and mount for clipping unit to belt loop or golf bag

o   innovative flip-up leather case for lifting up unit to see screen when belt clip


Golf Buddy VS4 Pros & Cons:

Golf Buddy VS4 FrontsPros:

  • small, incredibly light at 28g, easy to use, worn and used anyway liked
  • unrivalled accuracy by creating ground-verified data maps
  • option of viewing distances on screen or pressing facial button to hear it talk
  • displayed distances are directly from the golfer’s angle of approach
  • Dynamic Green View checks out green from way back in the fairway
  • one button click for function start/stop to measure particular shot distance
  • translates distances in normal yardage format
  • no costs for course download and premium feature access
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  • no user’s manual, only quick start guide
  • a little too mechanical voice can be hard to hear


What People Say about the Golf Buddy VS4:

“I wanted a small gps device that was discrete. This was the perfect answer. Distances were all great on public and private courses. Some complained that it would jump to the wrong hole if you hit it into an adjacent fairway and I did experience that but it’s very easy to change back to the hole that you are on.” – David

Golf Buddy VS4 Backs“Good Product. I received a Garmin Watch Range Finder as a gift about a year ago and its alright but a bit of hassle as it has a lock feature that is frustrating and you must go through a download process at the course. I wanted to give my friend a range finder and he won’t wear a watch so this product seem to be the answer. My friend wears it on his cap, it has no lock or down load process and he absolutely loves the thing. He played out of state with it last week and on some really small courses and had no problems. As far as I can tell from playing with him, it is a hassle free solid product.” – Reno72

“Great product. Haven’t come across a course not on the Golf Buddy. Easy to use. Only complaint is it takes a long time to locate the course. Need to activate it soon as I get to course and sometimes not ready by time I’m on the first tee.” – Truckor




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callaway lr550 rangefinderCallaway lr550 Rangefinder


The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder is the answer to your needs especially if you are striking one of your clubs perfectly to start with but you lack the edge of finding the exact range.

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Go into the Callaway lr550 Rangefinder laser range finder, which rapidly and precisely measures the yardstick from as much as 550 yards away.

The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder, which is available in an uplifting yellow situation, offers multiple range-finding modes for your benefit. The very first target mode, for instance, shows the number towards the nearest target that is helpful when calculating the length to some pin around the field or course without anyone’s knowledge. The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder also has a continuous mode that ranges multiple targets in succession for approximately eight seconds, to help you see whether you will find the exact club to obvious the bunker or a water hazard.

Plus, focusing on an item could not be simpler because of the built-in reticle and Liquid crystal display, which mixes to inform you when varying, is happening. The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder can also be significant from an optical perspective. The rangefinder’s 6x monocular, in instance, offers certain features such as multicoated optics, lengthy eye relief (having a folding rubber eye cup for eyeglass users), along with a waterproof and nitrogen-sealed housing.

The LR550–which operates on CR2 3-volt lithium batteries (incorporated)–has a carabiner meant for simple access along with equivalent yellow neoprene sport sleeves having detachable holiday insurance.

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Callaway lr550 Rangefinder Product Features:


  • Laser range finder made to help golfers gauge distances around the course
  • Rapidly and precisely measures the pin or hazard from as much as 550 yards
  • First target mode shows range to nearest target amongst a number of options
  • The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder has built-in reticle and Liquid crystal display 6x monocular with lengthy eye relief
  • Operates on 3-volt lithium battery (incorporated) includes matching neoprene sport sleeve


Callaway lr550 Rangefinder Pros and Cons:





  • The manual that accompany it’s very poor, and it does not seem like there’s excellent support with this product.


What Clients have to say of the Callaway lr550 Rangefinder?


Based on PA Hacker, this range finder is readily stored away easily plus simple to deal with. It’ll easily fit in a relatively large pocket. The colours allow it to be simple to remember it within the trolley (though this causes it to be conspicuous and simple for thieves to place – be cautious!). The eyepiece changes easily for any sharp view, and readily stored away also handy like a 6x monocular around the course. After some practice you can easily use. You are unable to hold it steady enough to find the crosshairs on the flag for any reading through unless of course you are within 100 yards. At bigger distances you place the crosshairs on the reflective area on or close to the eco-friendly, depress the button, after which gradually sweep the crosshairs within the pin. The amounts can change along the way within the flag and you’ve got your reading through. It does not hurt to make sure with distance blood pressure measurements using their company course markers.

This Callaway lr550 Rangefinder can be a quality item that may improve your confidence because you have the best club, although it can’t swing the club for you personally.

A.C. Macleod on the other hand shared, even though technology appears very similar to the Bushnell range finders these models are slimmed lower – both when it comes to the dimensions along with the interface. One button turns it on, and then puts it in scan way of 8 seconds. This may mean you need to ensure that it stays somewhat steady around the target or you will get other distances too. You will find no other range finder such as Callaway lr550 Rangefinder or perhaps anything like this – just scan mode along with “pinseeker” always on.


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