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Bushnell Tour V3The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is the unit to beat as it sets a very high bar for comparison with its excellently redesigned case and its JOLT technology that adds a new layer to the already excellent PinSeeker technology.

The JOLT technology enhances the use of the unit as it vibrates a bit when locking onto target.

This short vibration of the Bushnell Tour V3 lets the golfer know he has the number. It is a cool extra that sets apart this laser rangefinder from its competitors.

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The Bushnell Tour V3 is one better than the V2 with the immediately apparent cosmetic improvements, the most obvious of which is the change in color scheme from the utilitarian gray and black to the much flashier red-black-white combination.

It definitely feels better and more comfortable as it has been redesigned to improve the ergonomics of the unit, for allowance of fitting more precisely into the hand when used.

Measurement with the Bushnell Tour V3 is a matter of turning on and measuring with 2 button presses.

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Bushnell Tour V3 Product Features:

  • combination of PinSeeker and JOLT technologies for zeroing on the flag
  • accuracy within 1 yard; 5-1,000 yard ranging performance;300+ yards to the flag
  • 5X magnification
  • ergonomic design for stable grip provision
  • posi-thread battery door
  • 3-volt battery and premium carry case with a zipper + bungee closure
  • rainproof construction

Bushnell Tour V3 Pros & Cons

Bushnell Tour V3 Pros & Cons:


  • quick and accurate, on and lasing in moments
  • shoot whatever is needed and it gives the number
  • picks up targets from a long way away without need for intermediate targeting
  • no target picking up issues, regardless of other targets present behind the flag
  • excellent price point, definitely competitive, compared to other lasers in the market with similar features
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  • the JOLT technology of the Bushnell Tour V3 can be a source of trepidation as a golfer may end up taking longer to read targets as he waits for the JOLT to fire


What Customers Say about the Bushnell Tour V3:

“AWESOME laser rangefinder. No slope adjustment, which is generally illegal in tournaments, which is great. This has helped me shave strokes off my game as often the “flag that is in the back” is not and knowing the real distance let’s you change the one club up/down to make the difference.

Also I found it bounce off of stuff like
bridges, bunkers and such so you know your carry distance for stuff when you may want to take one more club just in case the shot is a wee bit fat.

Great pin-seeking function for What People Say About Bushnell Tour V3“shakes and wiggles” which just happen with a rangefinder.” – Cr0m


“This was my first purchase of a golf rangefinder, and after a lot of research I decided to buy the V3 without the “slope” capability. (That wasn’t worth the extra $100 to me.). It has been tremendous so far. Worked right out of the box with no set-up process or calibration, etc. it operates from a single button to identify the target, and it gives you a slight vibration when it locks on the target. Much faster and more accurate than my GPS system. As a result, I’m more confident that I know the yardage for my shot; it’s up to me to execute the shot.” – Frank Labrador


“I wanted to wait a few months before I sent in my review – needing time to use it and evaluate it. I must admit, my scores were considerably lower this summer due to this amazing rangefinder. Although this device is rather pricey I feel that it was worth the investment. The build quality is exceptional and I feel this will be in my bag for many years to come. Just point-and-click – it’s just that easy. And the supplied battery is still running for 6 months – I play 36-45 holes per week. I’m a 6-handicapper teeing off from both the traditional white and blue tee boxes. It’s great for “shooting” yardage to various points on each hole, and it valuable for establishing true yardages on the driving range. Just knowing the “exact” yardage to the hole takes out the guesswork/mistakes in club selection – it’s like having your own caddie tracking down yardage for you. I previously used the GolfLogix device and the Swing-by-Swing app on my smart phone – found them too tedious and hard to read (glare from the sun) – needed glasses for the smart phone (over 40 you know), and never received the yardage to the hole – only center/front/back – nice, but not good enough for me.” – Z-Man



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