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Bushnell NEO XSThe Bushnell NEO XS is the lightest and thinnest golf watch among the Bushnell golf GPS watches, with a rounded body design, coming in 3 colors, black/yellow, charcoal/orange and white/cobalt.

It is an incredibly well rounded package, ergonomically speaking, with the unit band forming well to the contour of the wrist, offering plenty of length options for users of all sizes.

The ability to simply look down at the wrist and get the necessary numbers to confidently pull the proper club from the bag has never been easier than with the Bushnell NEO XS.

It provides affirmation that the GPS watch has a strong future with its continued design and usage advancement.

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The Bushnell NEO XS has upped the maximum number of provided hazards to 4 per hole, provides a one button press for shot distance tracking and a round odometer.

It provides distances to the fixed front, center and back points on the green in addition to standard golf GPS features, i.e., 33,000+ preloaded countries in more than 30 countries, auto course recognition and hole advance.

The watch features of the Bushnell NEO XS include timer, stopwatch and alarm.


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Bushnell NEO XS Features:

  • setup is literally as simple as pulling the unit out of the box, charging it up for use and heading to the course
  • charging is via the included USB cable, featuring a spring loaded clipping mechanism, matching up with inputs on the watch rear
  • putting the watch into play is a matter of putting the watch on, pressing the golf button, selecting Play Golf and picking the right course
  • automatic hole advance feature based on course geographic location
  • automatic watch display provides front, middle and back distances of the green from current hole
  • middle button on the right hand side pressing provides up to 4 hazard locations followed by the distance to the hazard
  • on-course ability for shot measurement from 1 point to another with a button press

Bushnell NEO XS Features

Bushnell NEO XS Pros & Cons:



  • easy to use and incredibly accurate in general distance read-outs
  • auto-off timer for GPS satellite disconnection after a given time frame, conserving impressive battery life, equivalent to 4 rounds
  • odometer for current round total time and overall travel distance tracking
  • Tee Time Start feature for watch pre-programming for future tee times, when it would automatically turn on 7 minutes before tee time
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  • no scorecard feature
  • interface is not the flashiest


What People Say about the Bushnell NEO XS:

What People Say about Bushnell NEO XS“Played with the watch for the first time today. No problems. Accurate information from tee to green. I played in a scramble that took over 5 hours to complete — three out of four bars left on the battery indicator. I had no problems charging the rangefinder out of the box. Followed the instructions, downloaded and installed the plug in and updated all the courses I play. If you don’t care about using it to keep score but want accurate yardage to potential hazards as well as the front, middle and back of the green, this is the watch for you. Some people seemed to have an issue with the strap but it seemed fine to me. Got the charcoal and orange model. Even though I need cheaters to read, I had no problem seeing the bright display outdoors. If only my game were as good as the device.” – Noonan


“I changed from a laser rangefinder to this watch. I have also used other more advanced GPS devices but found them to be frustrating, difficult to see in sunlight and time consuming. This has proven to be the best of all for quickly getting important distances. the watch is very comfortable to wear; I forget that it is on and don’t feel that it interferes with my swing in any way. I only have to wait for a few seconds for the distance to “settle in” on a yardage when I arrive at my ball. Front, middle and back yardages seem to work just fine, at least on my home course. I used to think I needed exact pin yardages with the laser but I have found that this works just as well at my skill level (2.0 Hcp). My wife has the same watch and is equally pleased with hers.” – larry loomis


“My game has improved – more directly, my accuracy into the greens has increased dramatically! This watch (or any GPS device really) let’s me know that I don’t have to take a 7 iron into a green from 170 yards away. I can see that the front of the green is only playing at 155 and I can take an easy 8 iron and have better control.

Now if I can only putt!” – Glenn




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