What is the Best Golf GPS for under $200?

The best golf GPS for under $200 shows yardage and calculates how far a ball is hit without the need of a colour display. It is a nice basic golf GPS rangefinder whose price drops along with the increase in technology and the popularity gained by these GPS units.

Skimming pricing strategy

best golf irons under $200The introduction of a product into the market at a high initial price and the gradual price lowering after the product has been on sale for quite a time is what is referred to as a skimming price strategy. Wanting the product immediately is the primary reason why initial purchasers and early adopters are willing to pay a high price for the product.

The need for additional revenue for the manufacture of an item for the mass market is the time that the skimming strategy proves to be useful. The need to pay for other expenses, e.g., research and development, is the reason why a company may resort to the skimming strategy particularly when it only has materials and labour for the production of a few products. To make the production cost lower for future items, the company reinvests its income from the sales at high prices.

It is with products having a short life cycle, e.g., computer equipment and electronics, that the skimming strategy proves very effective. A user wanting the latest game or word processing program would most often be willing to shell out for the premium to get a powerful computer, as a new computer usually has much better graphics and calculation capability than an older model.

In effect, the early purchasers of the product subsidize the future purchasers in the skimming pricing strategy. Items that were very expensive when they were first introduced become affordable to consumers when the company lowers the product price at the tail end of a skimming price strategy.

The purchase of a status symbol is the primary reason why the early adopters pick up on the skimming price strategy. The owner shows off his acquisition of a product initially unaffordable to most buyers because of its high purchase price. Because an owner may want to purchase a new product year in and year out from the same company again for the same purpose of showing off, the business gains repeating customers in its use of the strategy.

What to look for in the best golf GPS for under $200

The best golf GPS for under $200 assists the golfer in hitting more greens consistently that is actually the key to lowering his score. It is best to select a GPS system that will allow the mapping of courses on the assumption that the golfer would be willing to map the courses by himself.

The selection of the best portable GPS under $200 that has this feature will allow the golfer to circumnavigate the annual subscription that is required to download previously mapped courses with the benefit of keeping overall costs to the barest minimum.

The best golf GPS for under $200 uses a high sensitivity GPS receiver that measures individual shot distances and shows the exact yardages to fairways, hazards and greens. It is enhanced with innovative statistic tracking software for the recording of putts per round, fairways hit and greens in regulation and for club distance averages.

Two best golf GPS for under $200 available on the marketbest golf gps for under $200

1. GolfBuddy Tour GPS

The GolfBuddy Tour GPS is the best golf irons under $200 as it can be used straight out of the box as preloaded courses exist in the device with a capacity to hold up to 20,000 worldwide courses. It automatically tracks the course the golfer is currently on. It offers the option for target customization to find the exact lay-up area and pin position yardages. It also includes a score recorder.

2. SkyCaddie SG5Skycaddie SG5

The SkyCaddie SG5 is a top 10 golf GPS under $200 that provides a bright and easy to read colour screen offering easy navigation and a high level of user customization. It features an unmatched number of user view control settings. It also allows score and statistic recording, offers overhead hole graphic views as well as major green contours and false fronts.

Which Best Golf GPS for under $200 To Go For? And Why?

Despite the SkyCaddie SG5 costing $6 less and receiving 14 more consumer reviews than the GolfBuddy Tour GPS, the GolfBuddy Tour GPS remain to be rated 1 point higher than the SkyCaddie SG5. Our recommendation for the best golf GPS for under $200 is the GolfBuddy Tour GPS.

Our Pick : GolfBuddy Tour GPS

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