What is the best golf GPS for under $150?

The best golf GPS for under $150 is the golf GPS that can be beneficial to a novice golfer who is relatively new to the GPS concept without costing him too much. It must have the basic features that are necessary to aid the golfer in his game improvement and score lowering.

Bargain pricing tacticstop 10 golf gps for under $150

Rational numbers are what sales and discount prices seem to be as merchants sweeten the pot with extra discounts, bonus points, free shipping, etcetera. Merchants get consumers to part with their money by influencing them in deep emotional ways. One of these ways is price anchoring where the regular price of the item is used as the basis of comparison with the discounted price and serves as an anchor.

Another way used by merchants is presenting the product as a scarcity. Consumers tend to want anything that is limited, whether it is time or resources. There are phrases when placed on ads, which refer to time limited sales, limited supplies and last chances to save, get consumers motivated to buy. A sense of scarcity is created by online and TV merchants, by way of the display of the remaining quantity of an item as orders are filled and the showing a countdown timer reminding that time is running out on.

A bunch of samples are included with the purchase of an already expensive product line by companies so consumers can justify the expense with all the free stuff that comes with it. The inclusion of something free increases the tendency of people to buy more. The thought of losing out of a bargain makes it hard to resist even if it is something that is not really needed or wanted.

It is wise to remember that a low price is not really a bargain if the item is not needed. The item will only take up space in the home and once it has been owned for a while, the thrill of purchasing the item fades, with the ultimate annoyance of having to move and store it. It is important to be selective when dealing with items on sale.

What to look for in the best golf GPS for under $150

The best golf GPS for under $150 must have the ability to give accurate distances from anywhere around a golf course. It provides the green distance and aid in the club selection of the golfer despite the absence of a clear line of sight.

The care free golf GPS for under $150 is an entry level GPS device that provides navigation features at par with more expensive GPS devices. It may take some time in its calculation of distances and routes. Normally, it will involve some kind of fee to be able to download course maps from the website of the manufacturer.

The best golf GPS for under $150 comes with a built-in scorecard and statistic tracking application for the golfer and his playing partners, without any monthly subscription to boot.

Two best golf GPS for under $150 available on the marketbest golf GPS for under $150

1. Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS

The Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS is a high quality but cheap golf GPS under $150 that is a compact, handheld and no-frills rangefinder that gets the job done despite its more affordable price. It is ready for use right out of the box after the charging of its battery. It is simple to use and comes with a handy belt clip.


2. SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPSSkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS

The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS is a top 10 golf GPS under $150 that works flawlessly with a easy to read colour screen with excellent brightness and intelli-green features. It is small and light and offers course information pictures that are easy to understand. It has a long-life and rechargeable battery.

Which Best Golf GPS for under $150 To Go For? And Why?

Despite the SkyCaddie GPS getting more than 10 customer reviews over the Bushnell GPS, the Bushnell GPS remain to be superior to the SkyCaddie GPS in terms of consumer ratings by a ½ point. In addition, the Bushnell GPS is more affordable with its purchase cost being more than $20 less than the SkyCaddie GPS. Our recommendation for the best golf GPS for under $150 is the Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS.

Our Pick : Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS

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