What is the best golf GPS for the price?

The best golf GPS for the price is the golf GPS that offers the most assistance to the golf improvement and score lowering of a player which can be purchased at the most economical price. This price incorporates any after sales cost that need to be incurred by the player in the maintenance of the GPS unit. The selection of the best golf GPS for the value is based on the combination of all costs that is incurred in the purchase and maintenance of the golf GPS.

Price concept in economics

best golf GPS for the buyThe influence of both suppliers and customers is claimed by the price theory in economics as price is a matter of communication in economics. Price simultaneously communicates to both customers and suppliers. The first principle of price states that demand decreases as price increases and demand increases as price decreases. Corollary to this, more of a product is supplied as price increases and less of a product will be supplied as price decreases, from the perspective of a supplier.

The movement of prices is dictated by the business and consumer decision makers as the up or down movement of prices are influenced by people in their price setting and buying habits. A shop owner has the ability to lower the price of a product, e.g., product A, on the shelf that is not coming off fast enough and increase the price of a product, e.g. product B, that does not stay on the shelf too long.

A local businessman may realize he can make more money by supplying product B to the local economy by seeing the price of product B increasing throughout many area shops. The communication to the businessman that more of product B is needed in the area is made by the simple price motions of the shopkeepers.

Another businessman seeing the price of product A continually dropping may decide to drop product A and switch to product C, the substantial fall in the price of product A being a powerful enough indication that it is time to shift production of product A to product C.

Without a word exchange between the two observing businessmen and the shopkeepers, the shopkeepers are able to tell the local businessmen that less production of product A and more production of product B is dictated by the consumers. This silent communication happens everyday for every product proving how intricate, delicate and fascinating is the price concept in economics.

Features of the best golf GPS for the price

One feature of the best golf GPS for the price that need to be looked into by the player before his purchase of a golf GPS unit is the after sales cost for the unit in the guise of either a one time membership fee, an annual membership fee, a subscription fee or fee per course that a GPS manufacturer may require.

This after sales cost enables the player to download new and updated golf course maps from the database of the manufacturer. Some GPS manufacturers do not require any after sales cost and offers free golf course map downloads. A golf GPS device with free downloads might be a consideration in the determination of which is the best golf GPS for the buy however this normally involves a higher unit cost.

The best golf GPS for the price would depend upon the budget of the prospective buyer as sorting through information and comparing models is easier done within an specific price range, making for better and clearer decision making.

Two best golf GPS for the price available on the marketbest golf GPS for the price

1. Izzo Swami 1500

The Izzo Swami 1500 is a best golf GPS for the value for its concept of a bare bones device that comes at a low price point. It is one of the smallest, lightest and least expensive devices on the market providing easy to read distances that appear in large text. It has a light indicator for a complete battery charge. It has a 96% golf course coverage.

2. GolfBuddy Tour GPSGolfBuddy Tour GPS

The GolfBuddy Tour GPS is a best golf GPS for the market as it can be used straight out of the box with preloaded courses with a 20,000 worldwide course capacity. It automatically tracks the course a player is currently on. It offers the player to do target customization in finding exact lay-up area and pin position yardages. It includes a score recorder in its features.

Which best golf GPS for the price To Go For? And Why?

While the GolfBuddy Tour GPS enjoys a ½ point higher consumer rating than the Izzo Swami 1500, the latter got over 90 reviews under its belt more than the former. Also, the Izzo Swami 1500 can be bought at a price lower by more than $100 and since we are on the lookout for the best golf GPS for the price, our pick is the Izzo Swami 1500.

Our Pick : Izzo Swami 1500

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