What is the best golf GPS for golf?

The best golf GPS for golf is the golf GPS system that can locate a player and his golf ball in the golf course and in turn the player has to tell the system where he wants his golf ball to go. The best golf GPS units display the distance of the player to his target and to any obstacle it finds is on the way of the player to the flag.

Golf basics

best golf GPS buddyPlayers that routinely do not give enough thought to the actual process of striking the ball is one of the problems in golf. While striking the ball is the easiest thing to do, striking it effectively is the hardest. The education of the player to gain understanding of what is needed to be done to produce consistent shots is the solution to this problem.

There are three parts of a golf club, i.e., the clubface, for control of the direction of the ball; the club head, for control of the downward dimension of a good golf stroke and the club shaft, for the control of the plane of the golf stroke. There are three major concepts of a golf stroke, i.e., hinge action of the left wrist on the clubface, centrifugal force of a rotating body on the club head and inclined plane of the right forearm on the club shaft.

There are tree essentials for a good golf stroke, i.e., a steady head, meaning, no lateral motion or up and down movement; balance and rhythm, meaning, the movement of the left arm and the club shaft at the same speed in revolutions per minute a.k.a. RPM. In relation to this, there are three imperatives of a good golf stroke, i.e., a flat left wrist at impact without bending, an on not off plane club shaft and a club head lag which is not a throwaway.

The most basic principle of golf that separates the good from the poor players is the line of compression which refers to hitting the ball from the inside of the target line to the outside of the target line with a flat left wrist. Golf strokes are three dimensional, i.e., downward, outward and forward, as the game is played on a slant or an inclined plane. Had it been that the game is played on either a vertical or horizontal plane, it would have been only two dimensional.

Features of the best golf GPS for golf

The best golf GPS for golf improves the game of a player by assisting him in the selection of the right club for any situation. It provides the player extremely accurate measurements. The distance that it displays on its screen reduces the stroke quantity required to sink the golf ball into the hole.

The best golf GPS buddy for golf behaves very much like a caddie that gives the correct distance of the golf ball from the target and allows the selection of the correct golf club. It alerts the player about the presence of any obstacles such as bunkers, trees or water ponds, along the way.

The best golf GPS for golf must provide an overview of the golf course layout and the various distances to fairways, trees, water, bunkers and green. They must also provide total course management and the best service in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Two best golf GPS for golf available on the marketbest golf GPS for golf

1. Bushnell Tour V2

The Bushnell Tour V2 is a care fee golf GPS for golf that is the ultimate rangefinder for tournament players and enthusiastic gamers with its 5x magnification and multi-covered optics designed for excellent light transmission, clearness and brightness. It has a scan mode for multiple range display when panning and a pinseeker mode for easy flag purchase while taking background target distances at the same time.

2. Bushnell MedalistBushnell Medalist

The Bushnell Medalist is a high quality but cheap golf GPS for golf being a great unit with all the essential features that a player may need at an unbelievable price. It provides an improvement in the game of a player with its easy and accurate usage. It takes about 5 seconds to get an accurate target number from the unit and it is extra helpful when playing a new course. It makes for a more enjoyable golf round as it provides information on marker distances.

Which best golf GPS for golf To Go For? And Why?

These two Bushnell models share a high 4 ½ customer rating from almost the same number of customer reviews. While the Bushnell Medalist enjoys a lower price of more than $70 in terms of the lower price range and the Bushnell Tour V2 enjoys a lower price of  more than $50 in terms of the higher price range, the search for the best golf GPS for golf gives more emphasis on performance over price so our pick is the Bushnell Tour V2.

Our Pick : Bushnell Tour V2

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