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Skycaddie Breeze


Skycaddie BreezeSkycaddie Breeze is a slight iteration of the Skycaddie SGX and SGXw devices, with virtually the same hefty hardware, but  with the distinction of being feature upgradable.

It comes with distance info to the front, center and back of greens, users then pay one-time fees for device upgrade to access additional features, coming in 3 different feature packs, that includes enhanced green detail, full hole views and yardage arcs.

Advanced green detail from the Skycaddie Breeze is provided for 59% of the courses while pin sheet coverage is provided for 4% of courses.

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The Skycaddie Breeze offers unmatched ability for customization of both features and preferential settings and provides more detailed course info than any other device.

It is a desirable option for players wanting full assortment of upgradable features and willing to pay the considerable fees.

Feature Pack 1 of the Skycaddie Breeze adds IntelliGreen and IntelliGreen Pro functionality and target list view; Feature Pack 2 provides Interactive HoleVue and QuickVue functionality and Feature Pack 3 offers Dynamic RangeVue and Pinpoint.


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Skycaddie Breeze Features:

  • straight forward navigation for easy access of feature variety
  • joystick for quick selection of target points without screen obstruction with finger
  • graphics are most comprehensive of all non-satellite image devices, with green graphic rotating based on player position
  • provides almost all features expected from a premium priced golf GPS device
  • distances provided are within 4 to 7 yards of sprinkler head readings, available all the way to the green
  • requires syncing for both course and software updates and score and statistic transfer to SkyCaddie’s online portal
  • charging is through included AC adapter or direct computer plugging
  • box includes rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, USB to micro-USB cable, A/C power adapter, belt clip and cradle, LCD screen guards and installation instructions, LCD screen cleaning cloth, player’s guide, quick start guide and additional documentation, e.g. warranty
  • user manual available via SkyCaddie website download

Skycaddie Breeze Features

Skycaddie Breeze Pros & Cons:





  • large and heavy
  • high 3 year total cost
  • course coverage extremely low for advance green features and virtually non-existent for pin sheet positions
  • holes can sometimes get cropped, particularly doglegs, when zooming on a hole and when position is far from fairway center
  • Target List often initially displays only a subset of total available targets and doesn’t drop off targets from the list after passing them on the hole
  • no ability to step back to a previous view
  • no ability to modify lay-up points shown in full hole view
  • Online ClubSG portal can do better with a lot of improvement


What People Say about the Skycaddie Breeze:

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze

“I hate to say, the first unit I received did not work at all. I had to ship it back. However I was sent a new unit immediately and had it within a couple of days. Now for a couple of heads up to save you the hours I spent to get it to work, and download the courses I wanted. First I could not get the unit to sync to get me started. After way too much time and frustration I contacted one of their tech people, and after their investigation they asked if I was trying to do this on a work computer. The answer was yes. They told me I needed to sync it at home on my pc. Once I did this it went flawlessly. Second, (at home) I could not get the courses page to cooperate. tried multiple sites, but all of them failed and now I was unable to download the courses I wanted. Contacted the tech people again. After their investigation this time, they asked what web browser I was using. I told them, mozzilla foxfire. They asked me to try another browser. I switched to google, and once again FLAWLESS. So the reviews I have read about useless tech people were totally untrue for me. Now…….I have it working (perfectly). And I absolutely love this thing! I have all three feature packs (came pre-loaded on mine). And I cannot imagine having access to any more information so simply. I hope this info helps someone avoid the pitfalls I ran into. If it does, you won’t believe how simple and AWESOME this product is!!!!” – The jammer

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze 2

“It works great. It was easy to use right out of box.iIt only takes four hours to charge unit. It display is easy to look at and the numbers are big and easy read.i use a three wheeled push cart when I play golf and cart has tee holder and use two tee to hold the unit on the cart .” – Christopher Whelan

What People Say About Skycaddie Breeze 3

“I have always been a little suspect of the accuracy of a GPS unit compared to a laser rangefinder. I have a buddy who had a Skycaddie and his yardages were always within a few yards of my rangefinder so I finally decided to make the plunge and buy the Skycaddie breeze. I have been very please with it so far. I have updated it with the extra feature packs, which were on sale when I purchased the unit, and they are excellent. I love that you can move the pin position around on the green to determine the carry over various green front hazards. I had no issues at all with the software installs or the course updates.” – DT




Garmin Approach G8


Garmin Approach G8 is the new top-of-the-line golf course GPS from Garmin, retaining the sleek design of the Garmin Approach G6, providing distances to front/center/back and doglegs, pinpointing any course target via its bright 3” 240 x 400 pixel touchscreen and displaying lay-up arcs at 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards.

Garmin Approach G8

Its most noticeable new feature is the addition of slope-adjusted distances.

The Garmin Approach G8 also offers club recommendations, big numbers mode and email, text and call alert receipts via an iPhone 4S or later.

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Garmin Approach G8 FeaturesThe distinctive features of the Garmin Approach G8, not found in its siblings, are the ability to point to the center of the green in cases of blind shots and the ability to download course updates via Wi-Fi.

Another new feature to the Golf Course GPS is an online portal for score uploading and track progress over time.

The Garmin Approach G8 is ideal for golfers often stuck behind trees with blind shots, like the idea of a bigger screen and in search of Wi-Fi ease in course updating.


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Garmin Approach G8 Features:

  • fairway hit, GIR and putt tracking
  • multiple scoring option up to 4 players
  • Touch function for distance measurement to any map point
  • GreenView function for flag movement within the green to place it in position
  • PlaysLike function for distance calculation adjusted to the fairway slope onto the green
  • PinPointer function for shot direction from a lie when flag location is out of sight
  • useful History mode
  • estimated 15-hour battery life

Garmin Approach G8 Pros & Cons

Garmin Approach G8 Pros & Cons:





  • illegal for tournament play  as it runs afoul of Rule 14-3


What People Say about the Garmin Approach G8:

“Very accurate, charged overnight and played the next day without the instruction guide. Play with it and my Gimme and they are within a couple of yards of each other. Works great tracking your club distances and easy to touch screen with tee or pencil to get distance to the dog legs so you can plan your shots.” – Dellas Norgon

What People Say About Garmin Approach G8

“Great little device! Color screen is easy to see in the sunlight. Fits right in the cup holder of the golf cart so whoever I’m playing with also has easy acces to it. The rechargeable battery is great, no need to keep feeding it expensive AA batteries. A new favorite in my golf group!!” – Jason w

What People Say About Garmin Approach G8 2“Wow now play 4 rounds with the unit. First summer I play golf in the last 8 years . Kids well you know. My son 11 and daughter 9 play 17 nine hole rounds. Lots of fun.

The Garmin so nice my wife getting one.
I may not all ways land on the greens. But I’m pin high. I aways shot 90 to 94. With the gps just shot 79. Never fall short or over hit the green.
It may cost like a new driver. A new club not going to knock off 11 strokes.
If your hitting down hill. Yards 129 garmin tell you plays like 115 yds. Use sand wedge.
Wow pin high.
You need go to driving range hit 5 balls with each club. Log it in.
Best thing in my bag.
Ps I’m still using ping eye 2. bought in 94.” – Maxwell




Expresso WR67

Expresso WR67The Expresso WR67 is a simple
GPS golf watch that packs a powerful punch, proving to be a pleasant and stylish surprise.

Also known as ESN, a.k.a. Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67, it brings all the regular features of a bulky golf GPS unit in wristwatch format.

Its large numbers, being big and easy to read, do not require reading glasses and it offers a push-button navigation simplicity that is easier to use than postage-stamp size touch screens.

The target info, i.e., hazard, bunker and carry distances, provided by the Expresso WR67 goes deeper than some handhelds, with front, middle and back readings on one screen.

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The Expresso WR67 is light and waterproof, with a scratch resistant true mineral crystal lens and possesses one of the best GPS systems on the market.

From its internal library of 25,000 courses, it automatically detects a course and tracks shot distances with a button click.

The Expresso WR67 offers great value with its provided GPS, with a 67 channel receiver, and shot tracking functions while serving as a cool watch when not on the golf course.


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Expresso WR67 Features:

  • face size is 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.6” and weight is 2.2 ounces
  • 1” screen with green front, middle and back settings for pin distance estimation
  • tee time alarm and auto off features separates it from the rest
  • odometer  for tracking how far has been gone since starting a round
  • 12 hour battery life in GPS mode
  • USB cable used for course update via MAC or PC and unit charging

Expresso WR67 Features

Expresso WR67 Pros & Cons:





  • cryptic hazard yardages due to lack of digit availability


What People Say about the Expresso WR67:

What People Say about Expresso WR67“I have had this watch for about 6 months now and have used it 15+ times. I’ve used it in multiple cities in both SC and TX, so far it has found every course that I have played. I find it to be extremely accurate. I check it frequently against course markings or another players device and always find the yardage to be with a couple of yards or less of there other devices.

It is very lightweight and i love the convenience of having it on my wrist vs. using an app on my phone. I think the battery life is very good.

I would buy again for myself or as a gift.” – Philip J. Hughston


“I spent a lot of time reviewing all of the golf GPS units and settled on the WR67 due to the quality and the fact that it is not a SkyGolf product (no more Skycaddies for me, another story). So far it has lived up to my expectations. It has never missed advancing to the next hole and is very fast and accurate. Regarding accuracy, it will lock on with as few as 3 to 5 sattelites but will eventually lock on to 10, 12 or more. The more sattelites it receives, the more accurate it is. I live on a golf course and regularly check the distance from a point in my driveway to the center of a nearby green. It has alwaws measured either 125 or 126 yards, very consistant. The stainless steel and mineral crystal along with the dual processor and 27 channel receiver sets it apart from the competition. I only wish it had provisions for keeping score and stats, the one thing I miss from my old SGX.” – Willie 300s


“I carefully checked all the reviews on the current crop of GPS watches, and the Expresso by far had the best features for the price. I see a lot of quibbling over the usefullness of the hazard information, which is silly. Most watches at this price don’t even have any information at all. Some complained that they had to advance the holes manually once in a while. All the watches have this issue. I compared the accuracy of the GPS to some of my friends with their Garmin and Bushnells, and they were all exactly the same. All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase so far.” – Bill




Bushnell NEO XS


Bushnell NEO XSThe Bushnell NEO XS is the lightest and thinnest golf watch among the Bushnell golf GPS watches, with a rounded body design, coming in 3 colors, black/yellow, charcoal/orange and white/cobalt.

It is an incredibly well rounded package, ergonomically speaking, with the unit band forming well to the contour of the wrist, offering plenty of length options for users of all sizes.

The ability to simply look down at the wrist and get the necessary numbers to confidently pull the proper club from the bag has never been easier than with the Bushnell NEO XS.

It provides affirmation that the GPS watch has a strong future with its continued design and usage advancement.

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The Bushnell NEO XS has upped the maximum number of provided hazards to 4 per hole, provides a one button press for shot distance tracking and a round odometer.

It provides distances to the fixed front, center and back points on the green in addition to standard golf GPS features, i.e., 33,000+ preloaded countries in more than 30 countries, auto course recognition and hole advance.

The watch features of the Bushnell NEO XS include timer, stopwatch and alarm.


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Bushnell NEO XS Features:

  • setup is literally as simple as pulling the unit out of the box, charging it up for use and heading to the course
  • charging is via the included USB cable, featuring a spring loaded clipping mechanism, matching up with inputs on the watch rear
  • putting the watch into play is a matter of putting the watch on, pressing the golf button, selecting Play Golf and picking the right course
  • automatic hole advance feature based on course geographic location
  • automatic watch display provides front, middle and back distances of the green from current hole
  • middle button on the right hand side pressing provides up to 4 hazard locations followed by the distance to the hazard
  • on-course ability for shot measurement from 1 point to another with a button press

Bushnell NEO XS Features

Bushnell NEO XS Pros & Cons:



  • easy to use and incredibly accurate in general distance read-outs
  • auto-off timer for GPS satellite disconnection after a given time frame, conserving impressive battery life, equivalent to 4 rounds
  • odometer for current round total time and overall travel distance tracking
  • Tee Time Start feature for watch pre-programming for future tee times, when it would automatically turn on 7 minutes before tee time
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  • no scorecard feature
  • interface is not the flashiest


What People Say about the Bushnell NEO XS:

What People Say about Bushnell NEO XS“Played with the watch for the first time today. No problems. Accurate information from tee to green. I played in a scramble that took over 5 hours to complete — three out of four bars left on the battery indicator. I had no problems charging the rangefinder out of the box. Followed the instructions, downloaded and installed the plug in and updated all the courses I play. If you don’t care about using it to keep score but want accurate yardage to potential hazards as well as the front, middle and back of the green, this is the watch for you. Some people seemed to have an issue with the strap but it seemed fine to me. Got the charcoal and orange model. Even though I need cheaters to read, I had no problem seeing the bright display outdoors. If only my game were as good as the device.” – Noonan


“I changed from a laser rangefinder to this watch. I have also used other more advanced GPS devices but found them to be frustrating, difficult to see in sunlight and time consuming. This has proven to be the best of all for quickly getting important distances. the watch is very comfortable to wear; I forget that it is on and don’t feel that it interferes with my swing in any way. I only have to wait for a few seconds for the distance to “settle in” on a yardage when I arrive at my ball. Front, middle and back yardages seem to work just fine, at least on my home course. I used to think I needed exact pin yardages with the laser but I have found that this works just as well at my skill level (2.0 Hcp). My wife has the same watch and is equally pleased with hers.” – larry loomis


“My game has improved – more directly, my accuracy into the greens has increased dramatically! This watch (or any GPS device really) let’s me know that I don’t have to take a 7 iron into a green from 170 yards away. I can see that the front of the green is only playing at 155 and I can take an easy 8 iron and have better control.

Now if I can only putt!” – Glenn




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