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leupold gx-4Leupold GX-4


Using the Leupold GX-4, you can take any golf gaming experience to the higher level because it uses high end features such as the 4 digits characteristics, two faced dimensions and distance pin for right measurements.

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With the default configuration of the Leupold GX-4 there’s an easy laser golf rangefinder, the rough aluminum built, stunning OLED display, as well as the detailed measurement system for line of sight.

Embraced on the built in yellow color Smart Key face plate, the Leupold GX-4 can be a coach that provides precise ranging information which allows you to match your own outstanding distances towards the slope.

The GX-4 from Leupold still suggests which of the clubs to employ, assisting you step on the golf course with lots of confidence. Using this high end golf rangefinder, it is the same as driving your personal caddy on any golf courses without worry.

The PinHunter as well as the Prism Lock of the Leupold GX-4 is the most promising features of this unit. Whether you are targeting for a tree, sand trap or the flag, this unit is calibrated exactly to shoot laser beams at your target. The Leupold GX-4 uses proprietary beams geometry to measure the returns of beams towards the pin, as well as you can separate the returns with the use of superior GX software.

There is no superior method to find out accurately where the flag or the water hazards located but with the Leupold GX-4. It’s easier to find the range of your distance from the pin on various golf courses that can use prism technology. Just hold the button on the upper portion of the rangefinder to examine the area surrounding the pin.

The time the Leupold GX-4 identifies the prism topped flag stick, the unit will beep then the display freezes. The PinHunter as well as the Prism Lock are the combined features of the Leupold GX-4 for correct golf rangefinder available in the market. This unit has lots of advanced features that every golfer would love.

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Leupold GX-4 Product Features:

  • The two faced digital Leupold GX-4 golf rangefinder has compatible yellow and chrome faceplates.
  • The detailed line of view measurement system along with the PinHunter as well as Prism Lock features of this unit can give you precise accuracy.
  • The Leupold GX-4 feature measures real distance of the green located under the tee.
  • This unit is highly recommended for best club designed for every shot.
  • You can use scan mode to estimate the numerous distances of the pin in single sweep.
  • The rough aluminum body plus its high quality optics of the Leupold GX-4 shows the right and stunning display.
  • The dimensions of this unit are 4.1 inches in width x 2.9 inches in height x 1.3 inches diameter.
  • It offers one year product warranty.


Leupold GX-4 Pros and Cons:


  • This unit has the advanced technology that you can find in any rangefinder found in the market these days.
  • Golfers find this Leupold GX-4 great because you are like riding a caddy with ease using this unit.
  • Based on the reviews, the dimensions of this product is light enough to give comfort while assessing the golf course.
  • The 4 digit display is a great bonus because with it you can have accurate swings.
  • The body of this unit is well built plus the color is suitable for any robust gaming.
  • The product warranty gives you the edge in case the unit is broke.
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  • There few golfers who have issues on battery malfunction of the Leupold GX-4.


What customers have to say about the Leupold GX-4?

Based on the review of Guy Owen, this unit has great price although in some other sites it seems to be expensive. The good feature of this unit is the body that is made from aluminium. This is indeed a robust unit that can last while you are in the golf course. He even rated this product 5 star for its uniqueness and features.

According to Jeff, a professional golfer, this Leupold GX-4 is a delight for any golfer who looks for rangefinder. The rubberized grip of this unit enclosed to its aluminium body gives you strong hold. Leupold as a company has been in business for producing high end products. The Leupold GX-4 is a highly recommended rangefinder in the market today.


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Golf may be one of probably the most enjoyable games for individuals of any age, but it is also probably the most frustrating. Most amateurs possess a with enough concentration time striking the ball straight, however when they finally figure that concept out, the following greatest factor they fight with is distance control. All golfers possess the capacity of shooting component or better, but however, they don’t have makes sense of methods far they hit each club, but this isn’t entirely their fault. Among the greatest reasons that golfers don’t know what lengths they hit each club happens because the length markers around the course might be inaccurate, and also the distance markers will also be only in batches of 50 yards. Rather than speculating what lengths the golfer hits each club, they ought to consider buying the Bushnell Hybrid laser range finder.

Range finder Versus Gps navigation

A golf Gps navigation, that is short for Gps is an extremely helpful tool for golfers since it informs them the precise distances towards the front, middle and back area of the eco-friendly. Golfers will also be most likely acquainted with a range finder that is basically a means for that golfer to measure yardages without really visiting a picture from the course. Ideally, golfers must have these two just because Gps navigation will work for checking yardages rapidly, but it doesn’t give yardages to random targets, like a tree, just like a range finder will. Additionally, a range finder may be used around the driving range, so golfers know just how far they hit each club before they can experience the course. The issue with purchasing Gps navigation along with a range finder would be that the combined cost will probably exceed $700, but the good thing is that individuals might have these two technologies in a single unit by buying the Bushnell Hybrid Range finder and Gps navigation.

Bushnell Hybrid Review

When individuals buy the Bushnell Hybrid, they’ll discover that it’s numerous product or service benefits. The very first feature may be the PinSeeker technology, which enables the golfer to make sure that readily stored away centered on the golfer’s intended target. The Gps navigation function around the device allows golfers to rapidly access over 16,000 courses all over the world, therefore the golfer won’t have to download courses. Additionally, the Gps navigation can give the golfer precise dimensions towards the front, middle and back from the eco-friendly.

With this particular unit, Bushnell becomes the very first company to mix a range finder and Gps navigation into one unit. Golfers of ability levels will certainly see lower scores with this particular unit because they’re going to have a much better concept of what lengths they hit each club. The good thing is this fact unit is listed comparable being an individual Gps navigation or range finder. Virtually everyone who owns the Kodak play touch camcorder claims it assisted these to substantially lower their scores.

Although it’s accurate that one must possess a chance to perform golf well, an excellent greater tech instrument would produce a distinction on kind’s efficiency. Should there be something which a golf participant should have to increase his ability, it may be his capacity to elongate his eyesight round the positioning of targets, precisely evaluate length, and then assess his efficiency round the sport. Every one of these might be achievable getting golf Gps navigation method instrument. It is an ideal buddy every golf participant should have to stand out inside the sport.

Golf Gps navigation method features a lot of benefits when utilized. Beneath are a handful of them:

• It provides the participant a lot of the pertinent info needed to do the game. It arrives very helpful using its quick retrieval functions and also luxury useful.

• It offers the actual distance, very easily tracks correct length travelled in the ball, and then notifies you around the presence of risks over the program, therefore improving your tempo in getting involved in the game.

• Having golf Gps navigation method device available gives you the self-confidence to do the game getting into ideas the truth famous your length measurement. Therefore, it can benefit you enjoy the sport rather than sensation the demands introduced about with a lot questions. And since you are not distracted inside the pictures that you simply make, it can make you gaze as well as perform as being a professional.

• A golf Gps navigation device has all the features a golf participant must ensure it is stick to him inside the sport. It’s mild to carry about using its additional belt and also might be utilized easily using its contact display function. It’s water-resistant so there’s no need to be concerned whether it can get moist inside the rain. You’ll be able to also put it to use legally in competitions since it complies with USGA recommendations. Its pre loaded maps of golf programs arrives very helpful. You’ll be able to likewise incorporate a lot more programs in compliance for the choice. Its electronic score checking is very understandable.

So, just consider advantage of this golf Gps navigation method instrument. Get correct length measurement with just one contact from the goal round the display. Why can you compromise on carrying out guess functions if you would only need this instrument to own enhanced getting involved in efficiency?