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Golf is believed to be one of the great outdoor sports ever created that is, for a man. One of the best ways to build relationship with your friends or business peers would be paying the sport. But since this is a competition, it is still important that you excel against the other players. Great golf equipment can be your best investment. Because of the advancement of technology, one of the things that golf enthusiasts invest into is a golf-based GPS. The essential feature of this device is that it will provide users with the best various golf course mappings in the world.

It is always best that you have knowledge on the fundamentals of a golf GPS so you will be guided before you purchase the device. The principles in which this device operates with are the same as that of a navigator. You would know your exact location in the greens through the signals that you will receive from the satellite. The software of the device makes this tracking possible. Sometimes, you need to load a certain golf course prior to using the device.

One of the things to consider is the features that it will provide the users. This may vary from one GPS device to another. The important feature that you should check is its ability to provide you with information pertaining to the distance of the hole to your location as well as its front and middle distances. There are other GPS devices that may even provide you information regarding the yardage of the bunkers and fairways. If you own an advanced device, you can easily customize your own target.

Most people often think that golf GPS would accurately provide you the exact distance but this may not always be true as there are other GPS brands that will give you slight differences from the exact yardage. For an average person, this may not be a big concern however; it will make it harder in choosing which golf clubs to use. Doing research online would help you find the best GPS device.

So you will be given an accurate reading of you exact location, make sure that you stand right above the ball and check the surroundings for obstructions. Though sometimes, you will not be given the exact reading that you want, this will give you better chance of getting near the accurate one. Should you not get the reading accurately, just restart your device and do it again. Always choose a device that has long battery life and can be installed with apps to further enhance its performance.

Izzo Swami 1500Izzo Swami 1500


Golf is considered a game of accuracy and precision therefore the Izzo Swami 1500 is dependable for ballpark guessing when you estimate the distance to the green.

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The new Izzo Swami 1500 has a full golf GPS feature that gives everything that a golfer needed.

It is for the reason that when approaching the pin you need some confidence.

It is powered using the up to date SIRFStar III chip plus the devise is equipped by Insta-Lok technology. Through this, the Swami 1500 calculates all distances like the front, the center, and the back of the golf course. More than 19,000 golf courses all over U.S. and Canada can be downloaded which turns your golf gaming to the next level.

The Swami 1500 is precise and easier to use plus when compared to other GPS devices it is far more accurate. This is for the fact that the Swami 1500 can measure the distance without the requirement of seeing the target of even the direct line. When compared to rangefinders that only uses flagsticks or other visible object, the new Izzo Swami 1500 is fr better.

The accuracy of a rangefinder is basically dependent on your distance from the target however the Swami 1500 accuracy is within few feet using its GPS technology. The most significant thing about the Izzo Swami 1500 is the better golfing experience as you play on the green. You can choose the right clud because you know your exact distance to the hole and you can make it faster because you know your location in terms of the borders of the green and to the flag.

You won’t have to waste your time lokking for markers such as yardsticks or those sprinkler heads. You can do it easily by downloading the courses from the online Swami Map manager prior to start any rounds and in an instant the Insta-Lock Technology from Swami will do the rest for you. You can just stand under the sky, lock the correct yardage and you have your target at the minimum time.

The yardage changes even if you are riding the cart. The Izzo Swami 1500 can store up to 10 golf courses and instantly recognizes the course you’re into. This will power you up as you start your round.

The Swami 1500 is easy and simple to use with its intuitive buttons plus a large LCD that permits you to have fast cycle from one hole to another. Though the Swami 1500 is user-friendly and precise, the cost is a lot cheaper when compared to other GPS systems designed for golf. That is for the reason that Izzo 1500 is streamlined using the newest technology as it maintains only the mainly essential features for making an effort that this gadget is affordable to the golfers.

The navigator of Swami 1500 is built with the use of the similar state of the art GPS technology for the trendy GPS golf units. The Izzo Swami 1500 is completely legal to utilize in events and tournaments. Many organizations permitted the use of this gadget in measuring distances.

It is important that users such as these GPS units should know that the gadget they are using is legal. There are sanctions for products that are illegal and penalties are a bit high. Other feature of Izzo Swami 1500 includes the easy to use connection for PC to easy charging and downloads. It has a lithium battery which runs for almost 12 hours and can be charge too.

It has a water resistant housing and OS compatibility for XP, Windows 2000, and Vista. The Izzo Swami 1500 measures 3.75 by 1 by 2 inches (W x H x D). It has a warranty of 90 days.

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Izzo Swami 1500 Product Features:

  • This is Golf GPS unit designed for beginner or intermediate golfers because it calculates distance like to the front, the center, and the back of the golf course
  • The Izzo Swami 1500 stores at a time up to 10 courses and it is compatible with over 12,000 U.S. and Canada courses
  • The fast Insta-Lok technology of Izzo Swami 1500 is efficient and the large display is easy to read display.
  • It has 4 smart buttons.
  • The PC connection is easy to use for charging and downloads plus it includes rechargeable lithium battery.
  • It runs for no less than 12 hours and it measures 3.75 by 1 by 2 inches (W x H x D).


Izzo Swami 1500 Pros and Cons:


  • It has newest technology that provides distant information such as the Insta-Lock Technology.
  • The storage for courses of Izzo Swami 1500 at a time is up to 10 courses.
  • It is simple and effective to use.
  • The rechargeable battery has good battery life.
  • It gives accurate calculations on the golf courses.
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  • The charging port is not protected.


What customers have to say about the Izzo Swami 1500?

 Based on the experience of M. homas Diklich, the Izzo Swami 1500 is the best gadget if you are either a novice or a professional golfer. It has lock in technology making downloads easier. Upon start off, you can just enjoy yourself upon seeing that up to 12, 000 golf courses are accessible to be downloaded.

According to John W. Byam, this product called Izzo Swami 1500 is easy to use and very affordable. It provides him accurate distances on the greens. Plus, this Izzo Swami 1500 is an excellent value for money because it is affordable.

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Skycaddie SG5 ReviewSkycaddie SG5 Review


Perfect for golfers who want top-of-the-line GPS help around the hyperlinks, the Skycaddie SG5 Review is built-in using the best Swiss engineering to supply unmatched dependability.

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It functions, a big colour show with automated backlighting to make sure simple readability indoors as well as outside, along with a long-term rechargeable battery (along with as much as 14 hrs. of steady use).

According to the skycaddie sg5 review it is also outfitted using the patented IntelliGreen technologies, enabling golfers to measure the complete depth and form in the green from any angle of method, each on or off the fairway. Component of Skycaddie SG5 Review is unique, expert 4-Star SkyCourses, IntelliGreen graphics offer an eagle’s eye see in the green with the indicator representing a immediate line-of-play from where ever you’re around the program. This Skycaddie SG5 review is made to make you understand the condition further.

With the yearly SkyPlayer Club Membership Strategy (not integrated with buy of gadget), you are able to effortlessly obtain a large number of our professionally enabled SkyCourses. 3 various amounts of memberships can be found, according to the number of programs you need to shop and perform. In the event you don’t desire a membership as well as your program isn’t currently accessible, you are able to file the entrance, middle and back again of every green together with your SkyCaddie’s fast set-up module, which requires about ten seconds.

Skycaddie SG5 Review is really an options integrator that powers the convergence of confirmed systems, which includes GPS, Web, cellular handsets, and also proprietary content material to supply an immediate solution towards the oldest query in golfing: “How far?” Whilst respecting the game’s traditions and background, SkyGolf is dedicated to utilizing its superior technologies responsibly to enhance pace-of-play, improve golfers’ satisfaction in the sport and eventually improve participation for your great in the sport.

The Skycaddie SG5 Review, created by SkyGolf, is utilized on more than 14,000 golfing programs in forty five nations across the globe. Weighing much less than five ounces, the SkyCaddie makes use of exactly the same international positioning method utilized from the U.S. army, but inside a higher transportable handheld gadget, concerning the dimension of the mobile phone, to compute distances to any level on the golfing program. SkyGolf makes use of expert, GPS engines high-performance, satellite-based precision augmentation, as well as proprietary accuracy improvements to supply golfers using the distances required to perform smarter, quicker and also have much more enjoyable.

The confirmed dependability and accuracy in the SkyCaddie handheld, mixed using the precision of SkyGolf’s huge program library, provides golfers the believe in and self-confidence they should perform their greatest golfing.

Possessing a golfing GPS unit inside your bag  such as the Skycaddie SG5 is really a little bit like enjoying together with your extremely personal PGA-quality caddie. These small digital wonders have developed an excellent offer because the USGA considered them authorized for tournament perform in 2005. Most designs nowadays can offer you with fast and correct info concerning length towards the hole along with other targets and hazards; duration of prior pictures (frequently storable for long term reference); program format; length towards the entrance, center, and back again in the green; and much more.

Having a wide selection of golfing GPS gadget, function, and subscription options accessible around the marketplace these days, discovering 1 that is correct for you personally could be like discovering the center in the fairway once the winds are swirling. has placed collectively a listing in the leading GPS models and their important specs, beneath; to assist you choose your perfect design.

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Skycaddie SG5 Review Ptroduct Features:

  • Full-featured golfing GPS with big, colour LCD with automated backlighting
  • The Skycaddie SG5 Review includes IntelliGreen technologies with complete depth and form in the green from any angle of method
  • Plot greens yourself, or subscribe to 1 of 3 SkyCourse memberships for use of as much as 16,000 programs
  • The Skycaddie SG5 Review is water resistant to be used in all enjoying circumstances
  • The Skycaddie SG5 has rechargeable battery offers as much as 14 hrs. of steady use



Skycaddie SG5 Review Pros and Cons:


  • The Skycaddie SG5 Review is handy and easy to use.
  • This product can give you one of a kind golfing experience.
  • This Skycaddie SG5 Review features are by far better when compared to other similar products in the market.
  • The Skycaddie SG5 Review can give out the best of your money spent in purchasing the product.
  • You won’t regret purchasing this Skycaddie SG5 Review because it can calculate and give you the stats you needed while on the greens.
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  • It has poor customer service.



What customers have to say about the Skycaddie SG5 Review?

According to S. Vidmar, the Skycaddie SG5 Review has a lot to offer in terms of golfing experience plus the fact that that it is cheaper makes it more appealing to golfers. The product when it was released in the market had an impact making it one of the best GPS in the market.

Based on the experience of Don I., this Skycaddie SG5 Review is highly recommended because of the product features that are dependable. You won’t regret purchasing the Skycaddie SG5 Review as your GPS golf buddy.



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GolfLogix by GarminGolfLogix by Garmin


It is very advantage in playing the golf course using GolfLogix by Garmin GPS mapping so that you can know the distances from t center, front and back of green and also the hazards.

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And also you can calculate and displays distances using this device because this Golflogix by Garmin you can recognizes of what is automatically played.

It is very precise and durable using GolfLogix GPS-8 handled unit plus it’s very high sensitive to handled GolfLogix by Garmin. Because of 12- channel GPS which guarantee excellent accuracy as well as quicker time of acquisition.  The weight is 5.3 ounces and measuring 1.2 in. thin and nicely and compact. When submerged in water, it is 100 percent water proof and also outdoor use.

The large screen LCD of GolfLogix by Garmin has 64×128 pixels resolution. Golflogix from Garmin has a good features and amazing visibility even under direct sunlight and finally you can adjust them contrast and the backlight screen setting for the dark plying conditions. If you are on the location, you will see the green, the hazards and the distances on the screen of Golflogix by Garmin and it comes in huge visible numbers.

The device is so compact and it looks attractive on its sleek black screen. It automatically advances to all targets in the golf course. There is no need to push any buttons each in every round to point to the target.

Storing data on each hole is possible using GolfLogix by Garmin. Data includes: hazards, layups, front or center or back of the green, bunkers, water and carries. The GolfLogix by Garmin includes software which allows users to download bout 20 golf courses.

All you need to do is to download it from the database of Golflogix from 15,000 choices. This is compatible in any major OS such as 2000, Vista, XP and even Tiger or Leopard Mac OS. Downloading of your preferred golf course can be done for free. You also have the option to be a member so you can gain access to many courses in worldwide database for only low subscription fee annually.

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GolfLogix by Garmin Product Features:

  • This GolfLogix by Garmin for golf enthusiasts has user friendly features, it allow user to see key yardage course distances
  • The GolfLogix instantly calculates golf course distances may it be located on the front, center or back of the green, It can download 20 golf courses from the choices of 21,800.
  • LCD dimension of  GolfLogix by Garmin is 1.25×2.25 inches and the screen is visible even in direct sunlight. The device is shockproof and waterproof.
  • Operating system compatibility with Windows 200, Vista or XP, Mc OS and battery life extends up to 22 hours. The package of GolfLogix from Garmin includes AA batteries, USB-serial code, clip and bags.


Other features of this GolfLogix from Garmin include: last shot distance, displays in large numbers fit for impaired visions, name on screen can be personalized, anti theft, distances can be in yards and meters, bag clip and belt included on the package, USB drivers and runs on Golflogix Course Manager program with 1 year warranty.


GolfLogix by Garmin Pros and Cons:


  • GolfLogix from Garmin is more flexible to use because of its compact design, it is a hand held device for your golf game.
  • You will be provided with data accuracy.
  • When compared with other similar devices, this GolfLogix by Garmin does not need any point and aim process just to get direct line of sight.
  • This is convenient and easier to use.
  • The GolfLogix by Garmin is affordable and the customer service is great.
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  • Battery consumption is so fast making it awkward to use.


What customers have to say about GolfLogix from Garmin?

According to D. Phelps, the GolfLogix from Garmin is highly recommended for the reason that this product is dependable in terms of yardage calculations plus this product is affordable compared to other similar products. This device is easy to use thus utilization is by far excellent.

Based on the experience of Rick, this product called GolfLogix from Garmin is a superior product. You can have better yardage results thus replacing the batteries are easier. Along with it, the downloading process is quick and dependable. He even rated the GolfLogix by Garmin with 5 stars for excellence.

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