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A golf swing is realistically based on scientific facts like power, thrust, centrifugal force, levers, and more.

Professional golfers have its own a unique swing based on their own personality. But, basically, their swings are likely to be similar.

Golf Swing

Here are the physical fundamentals in proper golf swinging:

***Grip: Proper holding of the club.

***Posture: Key for a successful golf swing.

•Width of stance.
•Knee flex.
•Straightening of the back.
•Bending from the hip socket.
•The angle the back maintains

***Pivotting: movement of the whole body

***Alignment: Setting up for the target

As long as working on the golf fundamentals, then surely a great swing will be made.

Golf Swing

Do’s and Don’ts of Golfing

  • Do watch good tournaments. Imitation is an effective move in golfing.
  • Do not watch struggling golfers.
  • Do get a quality practice.
  • Do have a Great Focus while practicing and playing.
  • Do put maximum concentration.
  • Do take quality rest n case frustrations may occur.
  • Do not wear sunglasses. Sunglass tends to weaken depth perception.
  • Do not give unsolicited advice.
  • Intend walking around the course it enhances speed.
  • Record. Take a videotape of personal golfing then watch and analyze.

These information might be simple but at least it efficiently provides great golfing experience.

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callaway lr550 rangefinderCallaway lr550 Rangefinder


The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder is the answer to your needs especially if you are striking one of your clubs perfectly to start with but you lack the edge of finding the exact range.

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Go into the Callaway lr550 Rangefinder laser range finder, which rapidly and precisely measures the yardstick from as much as 550 yards away.

The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder, which is available in an uplifting yellow situation, offers multiple range-finding modes for your benefit. The very first target mode, for instance, shows the number towards the nearest target that is helpful when calculating the length to some pin around the field or course without anyone’s knowledge. The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder also has a continuous mode that ranges multiple targets in succession for approximately eight seconds, to help you see whether you will find the exact club to obvious the bunker or a water hazard.

Plus, focusing on an item could not be simpler because of the built-in reticle and Liquid crystal display, which mixes to inform you when varying, is happening. The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder can also be significant from an optical perspective. The rangefinder’s 6x monocular, in instance, offers certain features such as multicoated optics, lengthy eye relief (having a folding rubber eye cup for eyeglass users), along with a waterproof and nitrogen-sealed housing.

The LR550–which operates on CR2 3-volt lithium batteries (incorporated)–has a carabiner meant for simple access along with equivalent yellow neoprene sport sleeves having detachable holiday insurance.

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Callaway lr550 Rangefinder Product Features:


  • Laser range finder made to help golfers gauge distances around the course
  • Rapidly and precisely measures the pin or hazard from as much as 550 yards
  • First target mode shows range to nearest target amongst a number of options
  • The Callaway lr550 Rangefinder has built-in reticle and Liquid crystal display 6x monocular with lengthy eye relief
  • Operates on 3-volt lithium battery (incorporated) includes matching neoprene sport sleeve


Callaway lr550 Rangefinder Pros and Cons:





  • The manual that accompany it’s very poor, and it does not seem like there’s excellent support with this product.


What Clients have to say of the Callaway lr550 Rangefinder?


Based on PA Hacker, this range finder is readily stored away easily plus simple to deal with. It’ll easily fit in a relatively large pocket. The colours allow it to be simple to remember it within the trolley (though this causes it to be conspicuous and simple for thieves to place – be cautious!). The eyepiece changes easily for any sharp view, and readily stored away also handy like a 6x monocular around the course. After some practice you can easily use. You are unable to hold it steady enough to find the crosshairs on the flag for any reading through unless of course you are within 100 yards. At bigger distances you place the crosshairs on the reflective area on or close to the eco-friendly, depress the button, after which gradually sweep the crosshairs within the pin. The amounts can change along the way within the flag and you’ve got your reading through. It does not hurt to make sure with distance blood pressure measurements using their company course markers.

This Callaway lr550 Rangefinder can be a quality item that may improve your confidence because you have the best club, although it can’t swing the club for you personally.

A.C. Macleod on the other hand shared, even though technology appears very similar to the Bushnell range finders these models are slimmed lower – both when it comes to the dimensions along with the interface. One button turns it on, and then puts it in scan way of 8 seconds. This may mean you need to ensure that it stays somewhat steady around the target or you will get other distances too. You will find no other range finder such as Callaway lr550 Rangefinder or perhaps anything like this – just scan mode along with “pinseeker” always on.


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Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch Review


Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch highlights its versatility in measuring yardage distance around the green.

The remarkable Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch comes with 14,000 free of charge USA and Canada golf courses.

Get the rugged, water resistant S1 Approach now, it is available right here for 10% off!!!

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch is directly connected to a very sensitive GPS host that instantly updates taken data measurements and the golfer’s actual distances from the back, middle and front part of the green.

With this Approach S1 Watch built with a very light weight, you can easily get precise distance measurements with just a simple glance. This versatile, sleek golf watch is made with an Odometer that constantly updates the user’s real time position around the green.

This USB Interface made golf watch, while operating as an ordinary watch, the Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch which is designed to be water resistant can measure individual shot distances.

The Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch is uniquely designed with an ultra thin backlight monochromatic low contrast display. It is also perfect for an 8-hour GPS mode operation, that instantly displays data on any nearby golf courses. Within 3 weeks, you can use this golf GPS watch under normal watch mode with an alarming feature and automatic time zone adjustment. These modes can be made possible with a use of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch works well in a golf game due to the fact that it is specifically built with excellent course playability. Most of the time, golf is played under the heat of the scorching sun but no worries, Garmin Approach S1 showcases its sunlight viewable screen providing a readable quite large number display.

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch includes a charging clip, an AC charging adapter and a User Manual.


Watch This Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch Review Video

Buy the Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch Now, Cheapest Place!!!



  • Cost-Free 14,000 Preprogrammed USA and Canada Golf Courses
  • Measures Individual Shot Distances
  • Odometer
  • Highly Sensitive GPS Server
  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment
  • Charging Clip
  • AC Charging Adapter
  • User Manual Guide
  • Waterproof
  • Sunlight Viewable Screen
  • Ultra Thin with Backlight Display
  • Large Number/Data Display



  • Dimensions: 1.8″ x 2.7″ x 0.6″ (W x H x D)
  • Weight: approximately 1.8 ounces with batteries
  • Display Resolution: 64 x 32 pixels
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Display Type: Monochrome LCD
  • Display Size: 1.0″ x 1.0″
  • Waterproof Design: IPX7



  • Durably Designed
  • Water Proof
  • Clear, Readable and Large Number Display
  • Convenient/Comfortable to Use
  • Cost Free Pre-Loaded Golf Course Maps
  • Conforms to USGA/R&A rules
  • Very light to use
  • Constant Updates on distance measurements
  • On Sale For 10% off its original price


  •  Doesn’t Show Hole Overviews

What Present Users Say About the Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch

*Gerald said that he wasn’t satisfied with his previous rangefinder so he decide to switch to Garmin S1 for the fact that the watch is affordable. He’s expectations were exceeded by what he experienced using this remarkable golf GPS gadget.

*Ricky concluded that the Garmin S1 Approach is so easy to use and comfortable strapping it to his wrist.


These are paraphrased customer reviews, see more here…

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bushnell neo plus reviewBushnell Neo Plus Review


This Bushnell Neo Plus Review intends to share what the smallest and most compact GPS rangefinder is capable of.

This GPS Rangefinder is on sale for 36% off through this link here!!!

The Bushnell Neo Plus GPS rangefinder provides accurate distance measurements thus offering a good selection of the club to use and play with greater confidence.

Bushnell Neo plus Review also intends to showcase the pros and some cons. Bushnell Neo Plus is claimed as one of the easiest and simplest to use.

However, computer and internet access is required to register the device within 45 days of purchase. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98 compatible or Mac.

This Rangefinder adhere to the USGA ruling. Moreover, it can be used up to 16 hours. It comes with 16,000 North American golf courses and has a GPS database of over 33, 500 golf courses worldwide (powered by iGOlf). These Golf course are updated always and doesn’t need to be paid.

This Bushnell Neo Plus also has Auto Course Recognition that instantly displays in the screen. It has a dimension of 1.75 x 3.25 x .75 inches and weighs 2.5 ounce.

Take A Look At This Bushnell Neo Plus Review Video

Buy Now the Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Rangefinder



  • 16,000+ Pre-programmed North American Courses
  • Instant Automatic Course Recognition
  • High resolution screen with large text menus
  • Measures Distance to the front, center, back of the green
  • Provides key hazard points
  • 4 Custom Points per hole
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Low button press
  • No Membership Fees to Pay
  • Water Proof Made


  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 3.25 x .75 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 ounce
  • Battery Life: 16 hours
  • Power Cord Adapter
  • USB Sync Cable
  • Belt Clip
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty: 1 year Limited



  • A bit Pricey

Some Bushnell Neo Plus Review

These are paraphrased Bushnell Neo Plus Review

*Gary proudly said that it is way too handy than other rangefinders.

*Eric boasted in this Bushnell Neo Plus review It is very sleek and easy to use.

*Fred said that the measurements it provides are very precise and allows a very fast golf play.

See more interesting Bushnell Neo Plus Review here


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